KA3 Pinyin kaa1 kaa2 Jyutping

Character used in translation Definition
KA3 Pinyin kaa1 kaa4 Jyutping ROU On

Character an organic compound Definition
KA3 Pinyin

Character cadmium Definition
KA3 Pinyin kaa2 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
ka3 Pinyin
ancient name for an ethnic group in China English

Traditional Simplified
ka3 Pinyin
to stop English to block English card English calorie English

卡丁車 Traditional 卡丁车 Simplified
ka3 ding1 che1 Pinyin
kart racing English

卡介苗 Traditional 卡介苗 Simplified
ka3 jie4 miao2 Pinyin
BCG vaccine English bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine English

卡仙尼 Traditional 卡仙尼 Simplified
Ka3 xian1 ni2 Pinyin
Cassini space probe English

卡住 Traditional 卡住 Simplified
ka3 zhu4 Pinyin
to jam English

卡哇伊 Traditional 卡哇伊 Simplified
ka3 wa1 yi1 Pinyin
cute English adorable English charming (loanword from Japanese) English

卡塔尼亞 Traditional 卡塔尼亚 Simplified
ka3 ta3 ni2 ya4 Pinyin
Catania, Sardinia English

卡塔爾 Traditional 卡塔尔 Simplified
Ka3 ta3 er3 Pinyin
Qatar English

卡塔赫納 Traditional 卡塔赫纳 Simplified
Ka3 ta3 he4 na4 Pinyin
Cartagena English

卡夫 Traditional 卡夫 Simplified
Ka3 fu1 Pinyin
Kraft, US food company English

卡尺 Traditional 卡尺 Simplified
ka3 chi3 Pinyin
calipers English

卡巴萊 Traditional 卡巴莱 Simplified
ka3 ba1 lai2 Pinyin
cabaret English

卡布其諾 Traditional 卡布其诺 Simplified
ka3 bu4 qi2 nuo4 Pinyin
cappuccino English

卡布奇諾 Traditional 卡布奇诺 Simplified
ka3 bu4 qi2 nuo4 Pinyin
cappuccino (coffee) English

卡帕 Traditional 卡帕 Simplified
ka3 pa4 Pinyin
kappa (Greek letter Κκ) English

卡带 Traditional 卡带 Simplified
ka3 dai4 Pinyin
cassette tape English

卡式 Traditional 卡式 Simplified
ka3 shi4 Pinyin
cassette style (tape and tape player) English

卡彈 Traditional 卡弹 Simplified
ka3 dan4 Pinyin
to jam (rifle) English

卡恩 Traditional 卡恩 Simplified
Ka3 en1 Pinyin
Kahn English

卡拉 Traditional 卡拉 Simplified
Ka3 la1 Pinyin
Kara (Togo) English

卡拉奇 Traditional 卡拉奇 Simplified
Ka3 la1 qi2 Pinyin
Karachi (Pakistan) English

卡拉比拉 Traditional 卡拉比拉 Simplified
Ka3 la1 bi3 la1 Pinyin
Karabilah (Iraqi city) English

卡拉膠 Traditional 卡拉胶 Simplified
ka3 la1 jiao1 Pinyin
carageenan (chemistry) English

卡斯特利翁 Traditional 卡斯特利翁 Simplified
Ka3 si1 te4 li4 weng1 Pinyin
Castellón English

卡斯翠 Traditional 卡斯翠 Simplified
Ka3 si1 cui4 Pinyin
Castries, capital of Saint Lucia English

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