ねこ Reading
cat Translation eng shamisen Translation eng geisha Translation eng wheelbarrow Translation eng clay bed-warmer Translation eng submissive partner of a homosexual relationship Translation eng Katze Translation ger Kater Translation ger Kätzchen Translation ger chat Translation fre кошка Translation rus
猫火鉢 Crossref 猫車 Crossref

Traditional Simplified
hu1 Pinyin
Tiger (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Katze (auf der Speisekarte) (u.E.) (Ess) Deutsch

Traditional Simplified
mao1 Pinyin
Katze, Kater (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貓一樣 Traditional 猫一样 Simplified
mao1 yi1 yang4 Pinyin
katzenartig (u.E.) Deutsch

象貓 Traditional 象猫 Simplified
xiang4 mao1 Pinyin
katzenartig (u.E.) Deutsch

猫背 Word
ねこぜ Reading
bent back Translation eng hunchback Translation eng stoop Translation eng gebeugte Haltung Translation ger krummer Rücken Translation ger hängende Schultern Translation ger Katzenbuckel Translation ger être vouté Translation fre avoir le dos rond Translation fre ne pas se tenir droit Translation fre

貓肉 Traditional 猫肉 Simplified
mao1 rou4 Pinyin
Katzenfleisch (S, Ess) Deutsch

貓食 Traditional 猫食 Simplified
mao1 shi2 Pinyin
Katzenfutter (u.E.) Deutsch

黄鉄鉱 Word
おうてっこう Reading
iron pyrites Translation eng fool's gold Translation eng pyrite Translation eng {Mineral.} Eisenkies Translation ger Pyrit Translation ger Katzengold Translation ger

角鮫 Traditional 角鲛 Simplified
jiao3 jiao1 Pinyin
Katzenhai (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

角鯊 Traditional 角鲨 Simplified
jiao3 sha1 Pinyin
Katzenhai (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

貓鯊科 Traditional 猫鲨科 Simplified
mao1 sha1 ke1 Pinyin
Katzenhaie (u.E.) Deutsch

子猫 Word 小猫 Word 仔猫 Word
こねこ Reading
kitten Translation eng {Zool.} kleine Katze Translation ger Katzenjunges Translation ger котёнок Translation rus

愛猫家 Word
あいびょうか Reading
cat lover Translation eng Katzenliebhaber Translation ger

ひとっ走り Word 一っ走り Word
ひとっぱしり Reading
spin (as in 'take a car for a spin') Translation eng run Translation eng kurzer Lauf Translation ger Katzensprung Translation ger

一足 Word
ひとあし Reading
step Translation eng ein Schritt Translation ger kurze Entfernung Translation ger Katzensprung Translation ger kurzer Zeitraum Translation ger Augenblick Translation ger un pas Translation fre

貓砂 Traditional 猫砂 Simplified
mao1 sha1 Pinyin
Katzenstreu (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

烏の行水 Word
からすのぎょうずい Reading
quick bath Translation eng Katzenwäsche Translation ger

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