みぎ Reading
right Translation eng right hand side Translation eng afore-mentioned (esp. in vertical Japanese writing) Translation eng foregoing Translation eng forgoing Translation eng above Translation eng rechte Seite Translation ger Rechte Translation ger rechts Translation ger Vorstehendes Translation ger Obenstehendes Translation ger rechter Flügel Translation ger Konservativer Translation ger Rechter Translation ger droite Translation fre правый Translation rus справа Translation rus
右に同じ Crossref

みぎ Reading Migi Romaji

三木 Word
みぎ Reading Migi Romaji

you4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ユウ Reading On みぎ Reading Kun あき Nanori すけ Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
right Meaning droite Meaning fr derecha Meaning es Direita Meaning pt

Character right; west; right-wing Definition
YOU4 Pinyin jau6 Jyutping U YUU On MIGI TASUKERU Kun Hangul WU Korean *hiòu Tang hữu Viet

右上がり Word 右上り Word
みぎあがり Reading
rising diagonally up and to the right Translation eng growing Translation eng expanding Translation eng soaring Translation eng

右足 Word
みぎあし Reading
right foot Translation eng right leg Translation eng rechte Fuß Translation ger rechte Bein Translation ger

右中括弧 Word
みぎちゅうかっこ Reading
closing brace Translation eng

右田 Word
みぎだ Reading Migida Romaji

右大括弧 Word
みぎだいかっこ Reading
closing bracket Translation eng

右寺 Word
みぎでら Reading Migidera Romaji

右江 Word
みぎえ Reading Migie Romaji

右藤 Word
みぎふじ Reading Migifuji Romaji

右文 Word
みぎふみ Reading Migifumi Romaji

右書き Word
みぎがき Reading
writing from right to left Translation eng

右側 Word
みぎがわ Reading うそく Reading
right side Translation eng right hand Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger rechte Seite Translation ger côté droit Translation fre пра́вая сторона́ Translation rus

みぎは Reading Migiha Romaji

碧涯 Word
みぎは Reading Migiha Romaji

右端 Word
うたん Reading みぎはし Reading
right end Translation eng right edge Translation eng rechtes Ende Translation ger

右橋 Word
みぎはし Reading Migihashi Romaji

右左 Word
みぎひだり Reading
right and left Translation eng rechts und links Translation ger Vertauschen von rechts und links Translation ger

右人 Word
みぎひと Reading Migihito Romaji

右井 Word
みぎい Reading Migii Romaji

右島 Word
みぎじま Reading Migijima Romaji

右門 Word
みぎかど Reading Migikado Romaji

右から左へ Word
みぎからひだりへ Reading
from right to left Translation eng in one ear and out the other Translation eng nice and quick Translation eng with speed and address Translation eng without further ado Translation eng von rechts nach links Translation ger sogleich Translation ger de gauche à droite Translation fre rentrer d'un coté et ressortir de l'autre Translation fre

右肩 Word
みぎかた Reading
right shoulder Translation eng

右形 Word
みぎかた Reading Migikata Romaji

右肩上がり Word
みぎかたあがり Reading
growing (graph rising to the right) Translation eng expanding Translation eng soaring Translation eng ständiges Wachstum Translation ger

右肩下がり Word
みぎかたさがり Reading
decreasing (graph falling to the right) Translation eng shrinking Translation eng declining Translation eng

右来 Word
みぎき Reading Migiki Romaji

右利き Word
みぎきき Reading
right-handedness Translation eng right-hander Translation eng Rechtshändigkeit Translation ger Rechtshänder Translation ger

右利きの人 Word
みぎききのひと Reading
dextral Translation eng right-handed person Translation eng right-hander Translation eng

右子 Word
みぎこ Reading Migiko Romaji

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