Character ten thousand; innumerable Definition 10000 Value
WAN4 MO4 Pinyin maan6 mak6 Jyutping MAN BAN On YOROZU Kun Hangul MAN MWUK Korean vạn Viet
U+842C Traditional
MS Cangjie Input Code

女史 Word
じょし Reading
Ms (nuance of status) Translation eng Miss Translation eng Madame Translation eng highbrow (woman) Translation eng cerebral Translation eng Frau ... Translation ger Fraulein ... Translation ger (als Suffix hinter Namen) Translation ger hölflich-respektvolle Bez. für ein Frau von hohem sozialem Rang und gutem Ruf Translation ger mme Translation fre

多発性硬化症 Word
たはつせいこうかしょう Reading
multiple sclerosis Translation eng MS Translation eng

はん Reading
Mr Translation eng Mrs Translation eng Ms Translation eng -san Translation eng
さん Crossref

エムエス Reading
MS Translation eng

メッセージ格納 Word
メッセージかくのう Reading
Message Store Translation eng MS Translation eng

移動端末 Word
いどうたんまつ Reading
mobile station Translation eng MS Translation eng

zhang4 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On たけ Reading Kun だけ Reading Kun とも Nanori ますら Nanori jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
length Meaning 10feet Meaning measure Meaning Mr. Meaning Ms. Meaning height Meaning stature Meaning all (one has) Meaning only Meaning that's all Meaning merely Meaning longueur Meaning fr 10 pieds (jo) Meaning fr mesure Meaning fr M Meaning fr Mme Meaning fr taille Meaning fr stature Meaning fr tout (ce qu'on a) Meaning fr seulement Meaning fr c'est tout Meaning fr unidad de longitud (10 pies) Meaning es altura Meaning es sólido Meaning es fuerte Meaning es longitud Meaning es comprimento Meaning pt 10 pés Meaning pt medida Meaning pt Sra. Meaning pt Dona. Meaning pt altura Meaning pt estatura Meaning pt todo Meaning pt únicamente Meaning pt isto é tudo Meaning pt meramente Meaning pt

最上位のビット Word
さいじょういのビット Reading
most significant bit Translation eng MSB Translation eng

最上位ビット Word
さいじょういビット Reading
most significant bit Translation eng MSB Translation eng

エムエスディーエヌ Reading
MSDN Translation eng

エムエスドス Reading
MS-DOS Translation eng

Character the tailor bird; a second name for wren Definition
QIAO3 Pinyin haau2 Jyutping

𩅞 Character

Character a pig, boar; KangXi radical 152 Definition
SHI3 Pinyin ci2 Jyutping SHI On INOKO Kun Hangul SI Korean shiɛ̌ Tang thỉ Viet

エムエスアイイー Reading
MSIE Translation eng

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