たな Reading
shelf Translation eng shelves Translation eng ledge Translation eng rack Translation eng trellis Translation eng Regal Translation ger Wandbrett Translation ger Büchergestell Translation ger Sims Translation ger Spalier Translation ger Gitter Translation ger {Angeln} Höhe, in der die Fische, die man fangen möchte schwimmen Translation ger étagère Translation fre rayon Translation fre по́лка Translation rus

だん Reading
step Translation eng stair Translation eng (flight of) steps Translation eng (row of) stitches Translation eng columns (of print) Translation eng grade Translation eng rank Translation eng level Translation eng counter for breaks in written language (or speech, etc.) Translation eng Stufe Translation ger Sprosse Translation ger Treppe Translation ger Fach Translation ger Regal Translation ger Spalte Translation ger Sparte Translation ger Abschnitt Translation ger {Budô, Go} Dan Translation ger (Rang im Jûdô, Karate, Go etc.) Translation ger

帝王 Traditional 帝王 Simplified
di4 wang2 Pinyin
regal English

貨架 Traditional 货架 Simplified
huo4 jia4 Pinyin
Regal (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

zeng4 Reading Pinyin ゾウ Reading On ソウ Reading On おく. Reading Kun jeung Reading Korean Reading Korean
presents Meaning send Meaning give to Meaning award to Meaning confer on Meaning presenting something Meaning cadeau Meaning fr envoyer Meaning fr offrir Meaning fr donner Meaning fr accorder Meaning fr conférer Meaning fr remise (prix) Meaning fr otorgar Meaning es regalar Meaning es ofrecer Meaning es presentes Meaning pt enviar Meaning pt dar Meaning pt premiar Meaning pt conferir a Meaning pt apresentar alguma coisa Meaning pt

レガルブート Reading Regalbuto Romaji

奢る Word 傲る Word 驕る Word
おごる Reading
to give (someone) a treat Translation eng to be extravagant Translation eng to live luxuriously Translation eng to be proud Translation eng to be haughty Translation eng im Luxus leben Translation ger verschwenderisch sein Translation ger sich Extravaganz leisten Translation ger einladen Translation ger bewirten Translation ger freihalten Translation ger gâter qqn Translation fre payer (sa tournée, un repas) Translation fre régaler qqn Translation fre

ご馳走 Word 御馳走 Word
ごちそう Reading
feast Translation eng treating (someone) Translation eng to treat (someone, e.g. to a meal) Translation eng Festessen Translation ger Festmahl Translation ger Leckerbissen Translation ger Bewirtung Translation ger Köstlichkeit Translation ger festin Translation fre régaler qn Translation fre угощение Translation rus

振る舞う Word 振舞う Word
ふるまう Reading
to behave Translation eng to conduct oneself Translation eng to entertain Translation eng to treat someone (to a drink) Translation eng to make tea for someone (tea ceremony) Translation eng sich benehmen Translation ger sich betragen Translation ger sich verhalten Translation ger sich aufführen Translation ger verfahren Translation ger bewirten Translation ger einladen Translation ger zu Gast bitten Translation ger abfüttern Translation ger offrir (une réception) Translation fre régaler (vt) Translation fre recevoir Translation fre se comporter Translation fre se conduire Translation fre

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