Character move lips as when speaking; hesitation Definition
NIE4 Pinyin zip3 Jyutping SHOU On SASAYAKU Kun Hangul SEP YEP Korean
U+55EB Simplified

Character afraid, scared, fearful Definition
SHE4 ZHE2 Pinyin sip3 zip3 Jyutping SHOU On OSORERU Kun Hangul SEP Korean jiɛp Tang
U+6151 Simplified

Character take in, absorb; act as deputy Definition
U+651D Variant

Character take in, absorb; act as deputy; administer, assist Definition
SHE4 NIE4 Pinyin nip6 sip3 Jyutping SETSU SHOU On OSAMERU KANERU TORU Kun Hangul SEP YEP Korean shiɛp Tang nhép Viet
U+6444 Simplified U+6442 Variant

Character ford stream, wade across Definition
SHE4 DIE2 Pinyin sip3 Jyutping SHOU On WATARU KAKAWARU Kun Hangul SEP Korean zhiɛp Tang thiệp Viet
U+6E09 Variant

Character ford stream Definition
U+6D89 Variant

Character river in Hubei province Definition
SHE4 NI4 Pinyin sip3 Jyutping SHOU JOU NYOU On Hangul SEP Korean
U+6EE0 Simplified

Character harmonize, blend; adjust Definition
XIE4 Pinyin sip3 sit3 Jyutping SHOU On YAWARAGERU Kun Hangul SEP Korean

Character whisper; surname Definition
NIE4 ZHE4 SHE4 ZHE2 YE4 Pinyin nip6 Jyutping JOU NYOU SHOU On SASAYAKU Kun Hangul SEP Korean
U+8042 Simplified

Character to walk Definition
XIE4 Pinyin sip3 sit3 Jyutping SHOU On YUKU Kun SEP Korean

Character tread, step on; follow, track Definition
NIE4 Pinyin nip6 Jyutping JOU On FUMU Kun Hangul SEP Korean
U+8E51 Simplified

Character tweezers, forceps, pincers Definition
NIE4 Pinyin nip6 Jyutping JOU On KENUKI KUGINUKI Kun Hangul SEP Korean
U+954A Simplified

Character the temporal bone Definition
NIE4 Pinyin nip6 Jyutping SHOU JOU On Hangul SEP Korean
U+989E Simplified

Character leaf, petal; page of book; period Definition
Hangul SEP Korean
U+8449 Variant U+8449 Variant

セパード Reading
shepherd Translation eng

セパレータ Reading
separator Translation eng

セパレート Reading セパレイト Reading
separate Translation eng separat Translation ger einzeln Translation ger Einzel... Translation ger

セパレートコース Reading
separate course Translation eng

セパレーツ Reading
separates Translation eng

セピア Reading
sepia Translation eng {Zool.} Sepia Translation ger (zehnarmiger Kopffüßer) Translation ger Sepiafarbe Translation ger Sepiazeichnung Translation ger се́пия Translation rus

せぴあ Reading Sepia Romaji

瀬緋亜 Word
せぴあ Reading Sepia Romaji

聖日愛 Word
せぴあ Reading Sepia Romaji

セピア色 Word
セピアいろ Reading
sepia (colour, color) Translation eng

切迫 Word
せっぱく Reading
pressure Translation eng urgency Translation eng tension Translation eng imminence Translation eng acuteness Translation eng Dringlichkeit Translation ger Eile Translation ger Anspannung Translation ger acuité Translation fre imminence Translation fre pression Translation fre tension Translation fre urgence Translation fre

節迫 Word
せっぱく Reading
end of the year Translation eng

雪白 Word
せっぱく Reading
snow-white Translation eng pure Translation eng immaculate Translation eng Schneeweiß Translation ger Reinheit Translation ger Makellosigkeit Translation ger Tugendhaftigkeit Translation ger

切迫感 Word
せっぱくかん Reading
sense of urgency Translation eng Dringlichkeitsgefühl Translation ger Druck Translation ger

切迫した Word
せっぱくした Reading
pressing Translation eng urgent Translation eng imminent Translation eng dringend Translation ger dringlich Translation ger eilig Translation ger angespannt Translation ger

折半 Word
せっぱん Reading
half Translation eng division Translation eng Halbierung Translation ger partager en deux Translation fre

接伴 Word
せっぱん Reading
entertain Translation eng Bewirtung von Gästen Translation ger Gastgeber Translation ger

切羽詰まる Word
せっぱつまる Reading
to be at one's wit's end Translation eng to be cornered Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger in die Enge getrieben werden Translation ger in eine Sackgasse geraten Translation ger

切羽詰まって Word
せっぱつまって Reading
under the pressure of necessity Translation eng notgedrungen Translation ger als letzten Ausweg Translation ger

切片 Word
せっぺん Reading
segment Translation eng slice Translation eng section Translation eng fragment Translation eng intercept (point where a graph crosses one of the Cartesian coordinate axes) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Stück Translation ger Stückchen Translation ger Scheibe Translation ger Abschnitt Translation ger Segment Translation ger

雪片 Word
せっぺん Reading
snowflake Translation eng Schneeflocke Translation ger

設変 Word
せっぺん Reading
design change Translation eng engineering change Translation eng
設計変更 Crossref

雪片 Word
せっぺん Reading Seppen Romaji

セッペネン Reading Seppanen Romaji

雪庇 Word
せっぴ Reading ゆきびさし Reading
overhanging snow Translation eng {Bergsteigen} Schneebrett Translation ger Schneewechte Translation ger

拙筆 Word
せっぴつ Reading
poor handwriting Translation eng humble reference to one's own handwriting Translation eng schlechte Handschrift \\ Translation ger (oft bescheiden für) Translation ger die eigene Handschrift Translation ger

セッポ Reading Seppo Romaji

雪圃 Word
せっぽ Reading Seppo Romaji

説法 Word
せっぽう Reading
lecture Translation eng sermon Translation eng preaching Translation eng moralizing Translation eng moralising Translation eng {Buddh.} Predigt Translation ger Strafpredigt Translation ger

雪峰 Word
せっぽう Reading Seppou Romaji

雪邦 Word
せっぽう Reading Seppou Romaji

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