Word Word Word
ちまた Reading
the public Translation eng street Translation eng district Translation eng quarters Translation eng location (of a battle, etc.) Translation eng divide (e.g. between life and death) Translation eng (orig. meaning) fork (in a road) Translation eng crossroads Translation eng (schriftspr.) Straße Translation ger Pflaster Translation ger Schauplatz von etw. Translation ger unruhiger Ort Translation ger Öffentlichkeit Translation ger Publikum Translation ger Leute Translation ger

場面 Word
ばめん Reading
scene Translation eng setting (e.g. of novel) Translation eng Schauplatz Translation ger Stelle Translation ger Ort Translation ger Situation Translation ger Szene Translation ger Auftritt Translation ger scène Translation fre situation Translation fre сцена (часть действия) Translation rus

舞台 Word
ぶたい Reading
stage (theatre, theater) Translation eng scene or setting (e.g. of novel, play, etc.) Translation eng Bühne Translation ger Schauplatz Translation ger plateau Translation fre scène Translation fre сцена (театра и т. п.) Translation rus

劇院 Traditional 剧院 Simplified
ju4 yuan4 Pinyin
Theater (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Schauplatz, Schauspielhaus (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

戲院 Traditional 戏院 Simplified
xi4 yuan4 Pinyin
Schauplatz, Schauspielhaus (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Theater (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

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