Word Word
ふくろ Reading
bag Translation eng sack Translation eng skin of an orange (and other like fruits) Translation eng dead end Translation eng plot of land surrounded by water Translation eng Sack Translation ger Beutel Translation ger Tasche Translation ger Tüte Translation ger Gebärmutter Translation ger sac Translation fre мешо́к Translation rus

手提袋 Traditional 手提袋 Simplified
shou3 ti2 dai4 Pinyin
Tüte, Beutel (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

師門 Word
しもん Reading
tutelage Translation eng

鎮守 Word
ちんじゅ Reading
local Shinto deity Translation eng tutelary god Translation eng {Rel.} Schutzgott eines Ortes Translation ger Dorfschrein Translation ger déité locale Translation fre

父兄 Word
ふけい Reading
guardians Translation eng parents and older brothers Translation eng Erziehungsberechtigte Translation ger Beschützer Translation ger Eltern und ältere Brüder Translation ger parents (et frères aînés) Translation fre tuteur Translation fre

保護者 Word
ほごしゃ Reading
guardian Translation eng protector Translation eng patron Translation eng Erziehungsberechtigter Translation ger Beschützer Translation ger Schirmherr Translation ger Gönner Translation ger Patron Translation ger conservateur Translation fre gardien Translation fre tuteur Translation fre защитник Translation rus покровитель Translation rus

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