Character used in translation; (Cant.) final particle Definition
A1 Pinyin aa1 Jyutping

Character actinium Definition
A1 KE1 Pinyin aa1 aa3 Jyutping
U+9515 Simplified

Character ac Definition
A1 Pinyin aa1 Jyutping
U+9312 Traditional

一等 Word 1等 Word
いっとう Reading
first-class Translation eng first-rank Translation eng A1 Translation eng the most Translation eng the best Translation eng erste Klasse Translation ger erster Grad Translation ger erster Platz Translation ger beste Platz Translation ger meist Translation ger best Translation ger 20 sur 20 (meilleure note) Translation fre de premier ordre Translation fre le meilleur Translation fre пе́рвый класс Translation rus са́мый Translation rus лу́чший Translation rus

Traditional Simplified
a1 Pinyin
phonetic a, similar to English -azine, see 吖嗪[a1 qin2] English

吖啶 Traditional 吖啶 Simplified
a1 ding4 Pinyin
acridine (antiseptic and disinfectant) English

Traditional Simplified
a1 Pinyin
|[a1] Variant

Traditional Simplified
a1 Pinyin
interjection of surprise English Ah! English Oh! English

啊呀 Traditional 啊呀 Simplified
a1 ya1 Pinyin
interjection of surprise English Oh my! English

啊哟 Traditional 啊哟 Simplified
a1 yo1 Pinyin
interjection of surprise or pain English Oh English Ow English My goodness! English

腌臢 Traditional 腌臜 Simplified
a1 za5 Pinyin
dirty English filthy English awkward English disgusting English nauseating English

Traditional Simplified
a1 Pinyin
actinium (chemistry) English

阿丹 Traditional 阿丹 Simplified
A1 dan1 Pinyin
Adam (name) English Aden, capital of Yemen English

阿們 Traditional 阿们 Simplified
a1 men5 Pinyin
amen English

阿倫 Traditional 阿伦 Simplified
A1 lun2 Pinyin
Aalen, town in Germany English

阿兄 Traditional 阿兄 Simplified
a1 xiong1 Pinyin
elder brother English

阿克拉 Traditional 阿克拉 Simplified
A1 ke4 la1 Pinyin
Accra, capital of Ghana English

阿克蘇河 Traditional 阿克苏河 Simplified
A1 ke4 su1 he2 Pinyin
Aksu River in Xinjiang English

阿公 Traditional 阿公 Simplified
a1 gong1 Pinyin
father-in-law (regional dialect) English

阿兵哥 Traditional 阿兵哥 Simplified
a1 bing1 ge1 Pinyin
soldier boy (colloquial) English

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