げき Reading
drama Translation eng play Translation eng powerful drug Translation eng Theaterspiel Translation ger Schauspiel Translation ger Drama Translation ger pièce de théatre Translation fre théatre Translation fre пьеса Translation rus

連合 Word 聯合 Word
れんごう Reading
union Translation eng alliance Translation eng combination Translation eng RENGO (Japanese Trade Union Confederation) Translation eng Vereinigung Translation ger Verbindung Translation ger Zusammenschluss Translation ger Koalition Translation ger Assoziation Translation ger Union Translation ger Bund Translation ger Allianz Translation ger {Org.} Rengô Translation ger japanischer Gewerkschaftsbund Translation ger alliance Translation fre union Translation fre

普免 Word
ふめん Reading
standard driver's licence Translation eng

って Reading Reading
casual quoting particle Translation eng

ミス Reading
mistake Translation eng error Translation eng failure Translation eng Miss Translation eng myth Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Bambusvorhang Translation ger (im Schrein) Translation ger Mademoiselle Translation fre Miss Translation fre erreur Translation fre faute Translation fre système intégré de gestion (MIS, management information system) Translation fre

大きに Word
おおきに Reading
greatly Translation eng very much Translation eng thanks a lot Translation eng sehr Translation ger überaus Translation ger außergewöhnlich Translation ger Vielen Dank! Translation ger (Kansai-Dialekt) Translation ger

文庫 Word
ぶんこ Reading
library Translation eng book collection Translation eng paperback book Translation eng Bibliothek Translation ger Schachtel für Briefpapier und Schreibzeug Translation ger bibliothèque Translation fre collection de livres Translation fre

同大 Word
どうだい Reading
something of the same size Translation eng the said university Translation eng selbe Größe Translation ger

すべし Reading
should do Translation eng ought to do Translation eng
可し Crossref

中銀 Traditional 中银 Simplified
Zhong1 yin2 Pinyin
Bank of China English abbr. for 中國銀行|中国银行 English

乙腦 Traditional 乙脑 Simplified
yi3 nao3 Pinyin
meningitis B English epidemic encephalitis B English Japanese encephalitis English abbr. for 乙型脑炎 English

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