zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On おさ.める Reading Kun おさ.まる Reading Kun なお. Reading Kun なお. Reading Kun Nanori Nanori はり Nanori はる Nanori みち Nanori chi Reading Korean Reading Korean
reign Meaning be at peace Meaning calm down Meaning subdue Meaning quell Meaning govt Meaning cure Meaning heal Meaning rule Meaning conserve Meaning règne Meaning fr être en paix Meaning fr se calmer Meaning fr maîtriser Meaning fr réprimer Meaning fr gouvernement Meaning fr guérir Meaning fr réparer Meaning fr préserver Meaning fr reinar Meaning es gobernar Meaning es política Meaning es curar Meaning es calmar Meaning es curarse Meaning es reino Meaning pt estar em paz Meaning pt acalmar-se Meaning pt subjugar Meaning pt domar Meaning pt governo Meaning pt cura Meaning pt regra Meaning pt conservar Meaning pt

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