アダプター Reading アダプタ Reading
adapter Translation eng Adapter Translation ger Zubehör Translation ger адаптер Translation rus

合わせる Word 併せる Word 合せる Word
あわせる Reading
to match (rhythm, speed, etc.) Translation eng to cause to meet (e.g. an unpleasant fate) Translation eng to place together Translation eng to connect Translation eng to overlap Translation eng to mix Translation eng to combine Translation eng to put blade to blade Translation eng to fight Translation eng to join together Translation eng to unite Translation eng to combine Translation eng to add up Translation eng to face Translation eng to be opposite (someone) Translation eng to compare Translation eng to check with Translation eng vereinen Translation ger verbinden Translation ger verknüpfen Translation ger zusammenfügen Translation ger annektieren Translation ger vereinigen Translation ger auflegen Translation ger aufsetzen Translation ger falten Translation ger hinzufügen Translation ger addieren Translation ger einstellen Translation ger abstimmen Translation ger stimmen Translation ger richtig einstellen Translation ger vergleichen Translation ger gegeneinander halten Translation ger anpassen Translation ger verbinden Translation ger être face à face Translation fre adapter Translation fre comparer Translation fre faire correspondre Translation fre joindre Translation fre s'ajouter Translation fre se combiner Translation fre se connecter Translation fre se mélanger Translation fre unir Translation fre vérifier Translation fre
遭う Crossref 顔を合わせる Crossref

当てはめる Word 当て嵌める Word
あてはめる Reading
to apply Translation eng to adapt Translation eng anwenden Translation ger gebrauchen Translation ger adapter Translation fre attendre Translation fre faire correspondre Translation fre

適配器 Traditional 适配器 Simplified
shi4 pei4 qi4 Pinyin
adapter (device) English

電話插頭 Traditional 电话插头 Simplified
dian4 hua4 cha1 tou2 Pinyin
Adapter (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

轉接器 Traditional 转接器 Simplified
zhuan3 jie1 qi4 Pinyin
Adapter (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

適配卡 Traditional 适配卡 Simplified
shi4 pei4 ka3 Pinyin
Adapterkarte (u.E.) Deutsch

轉接軸 Traditional 转接轴 Simplified
zhuan3 jie1 zhou2 Pinyin
Adapterspindel (u.E.) Deutsch

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