jie3 Reading Pinyin jie4 Reading Pinyin xie4 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On Reading On . Reading Kun .かす Reading Kun .ける Reading Kun ほど. Reading Kun ほど.ける Reading Kun わか. Reading Kun さと. Reading Kun さとる Nanori とけ Nanori hae Reading Korean gae Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
unravel Meaning notes Meaning key Meaning explanation Meaning understanding Meaning untie Meaning undo Meaning solve Meaning answer Meaning cancel Meaning absolve Meaning explain Meaning minute Meaning délier Meaning fr notes Meaning fr clé Meaning fr explication Meaning fr compréhension Meaning fr défaire Meaning fr résoudre Meaning fr répondre Meaning fr annuler Meaning fr absoudre Meaning fr expliquer Meaning fr minute Meaning fr desenredar Meaning es desatar Meaning es liberar Meaning es aclarar Meaning es resolver Meaning es peinarse Meaning es aflojar Meaning es solucionar Meaning pt notas Meaning pt chave Meaning pt explicação Meaning pt compreensão Meaning pt desamarrar Meaning pt desfazer Meaning pt resolveer Meaning pt resposta Meaning pt cancelar Meaning pt absolver Meaning pt explicar Meaning pt deta Meaning pt

huan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.やか Reading Kun ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.める Reading Kun ひろ Nanori wan Reading Korean Reading Korean
slacken Meaning loosen Meaning relax Meaning lessen Meaning be moderate Meaning ease Meaning relâcher Meaning fr abaisser Meaning fr décompresser Meaning fr lâche (noeud) Meaning fr modéré Meaning fr aise Meaning fr fácil Meaning es despacio Meaning es disminución Meaning es mitigado Meaning es aliviado Meaning es aflojar(se) Meaning es relajar(se) Meaning es disminuir Meaning es indulgente Meaning es afrouxar Meaning pt relaxar Meaning pt diminuir Meaning pt moderar Meaning pt facilitar Meaning pt

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