Traditional Simplified
lin3 Pinyin
cold English to shiver with cold English to tremble with fear English afraid English apprehensive English strict English stern English severe English austere English awe-inspiring English imposing English majestic English

危懼 Traditional 危惧 Simplified
wei1 ju4 Pinyin
afraid English apprehensive English

怕死鬼 Traditional 怕死鬼 Simplified
pa4 si3 gui3 Pinyin
afraid to die (contemptuous term) English

Traditional Simplified
bu4 Pinyin
terror English terrified English afraid English frightened English

Traditional Simplified
qie4 Pinyin
afraid English rustic English

Traditional Simplified
kong3 Pinyin
afraid English frightened English to fear English

Traditional Simplified
li4 Pinyin
afraid English trembling English

Traditional Simplified
she4 Pinyin
afraid English be feared English to fear English to frighten English to intimidate English

生怕 Traditional 生怕 Simplified
sheng1 pa4 Pinyin
to fear English afraid English extremely nervous English for fear that English to avoid English so as not to English

畏罪 Traditional 畏罪 Simplified
wei4 zui4 Pinyin
to dread punishment English afraid of being arrested for a crime English

xi3 Reading Pinyin サイ Reading On Reading On よい Reading Kun
afraid Meaning bashful Meaning

Character afraid, scared, frightened Definition
SONG3 Pinyin sung2 Jyutping SHOU On OSORERU Kun Hangul SONG Korean

Character afraid, apprehensive, nervous Definition
ZHUI4 Pinyin cyun3 zeoi3 Jyutping ZUI SUI On OSORERU Kun Hangul CHWEY Korean nhoai Viet

Character afraid, scared, fearful Definition
SHE4 ZHE2 Pinyin sip3 zip3 Jyutping
U+61FE Traditional

Character afraid, scared, fearful Definition
SHE4 ZHE2 Pinyin sip3 zip3 Jyutping SHOU On OSORERU Kun Hangul SEP Korean jiɛp Tang
U+6151 Simplified

Character afraid, bashful Definition
XI3 Pinyin saai2 Jyutping SAI SHI On YOI Kun tơi Viet

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