きゅう Reading
ex- Translation eng former Translation eng old Translation eng ancien Translation fre ex- Translation fre

旧悪 Word
きゅうあく Reading
past misdeeds Translation eng old crimes Translation eng früheres Vergehen Translation ger frühere Übeltaten Translation ger alte Sünde Translation ger alte Wunde Translation ger ancien méfaits Translation fre crimes passés Translation fre

旧約 Word
きゅうやく Reading
old promise Translation eng old agreement Translation eng old covenant Translation eng Old Testament Translation eng altes Versprechen Translation ger {Bibel} Altes Testament Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger ancien engagement Translation fre ancien testament Translation fre ancienne promesse Translation fre
旧約聖書 Crossref

旧約聖書 Word
きゅうやくせいしょ Reading
Old Testament Translation eng {Bibel} Altes Testament Translation ger ancien testament Translation fre

旧暦 Word
きゅうれき Reading
Japan's old (lunisolar) calendar Translation eng alter Kalender Translation ger alter Mondkalender Translation ger ancien calendrier lunaire Translation fre

Word Word Word Word
もと Reading
origin Translation eng source Translation eng base Translation eng foundation Translation eng cause Translation eng ingredient Translation eng (somebody's) side Translation eng (somebody's) location Translation eng original cost (or capital, principal, etc.) Translation eng trunk Translation eng first section of a waka Translation eng counter for blades of grass, tree trunks, etc., and for falcons (in falconry) Translation eng Anfang Translation ger Ursprung Translation ger Ursache Translation ger Anlass Translation ger Grund Translation ger Grundlage Translation ger Wurzel Translation ger Herkunft Translation ger Quelle Translation ger Kapital Translation ger Geldanlage Translation ger ancien Translation fre précédent Translation fre base Translation fre commencement Translation fre origine Translation fre fondement Translation fre
和歌 Crossref

元老 Word
げんろう Reading
elder statesman Translation eng doyen Translation eng old-timer Translation eng authority Translation eng Genro (member of a pre-WWII body that informally advised the emperor) Translation eng {Gesch.} kaiserlicher Berater Translation ger Genrô Translation ger Senior Statesman Translation ger Senator Translation ger ancien (personne détenant l'autorité de par son âge, ancienneté) Translation fre sénateur Translation fre

古い Word 故い Word 旧い Word
ふるい Reading
old (not person) Translation eng aged Translation eng ancient Translation eng antiquated Translation eng stale Translation eng threadbare Translation eng outmoded Translation eng obsolete article Translation eng alt Translation ger altertümlich Translation ger altehrwürdig Translation ger althergebracht Translation ger ehemalig Translation ger altmodisch Translation ger veraltet Translation ger altbacken Translation ger unmodern Translation ger abgestanden Translation ger abgenutzt Translation ger ancien Translation fre antique Translation fre caduque Translation fre démodé Translation fre obsolète Translation fre passé Translation fre usé Translation fre vieux Translation fre старый Translation rus

古臭い Word 古くさい Word
ふるくさい Reading
stale Translation eng old fashioned Translation eng hackneyed Translation eng trite Translation eng altmodisch Translation ger abgenutzt Translation ger zu alt Translation ger verstaubt Translation ger ancien Translation fre démodé Translation fre usé Translation fre

古巣 Word
ふるす Reading
old haunts Translation eng former homes Translation eng altes Nest Translation ger früherer Aufenthalt Translation ger frühere Wohnung Translation ger Ancien lieu de travail Translation fre Ancienne habitation Translation fre

古風 Word
こふう Reading
old customs Translation eng old style Translation eng alte Form Translation ger alte Art und Weise Translation ger alter Stil Translation ger alte Sitte Translation ger alter Brauch Translation ger Archaismus Translation ger Altertümlichkeit Translation ger ancien Translation fre antique Translation fre archaïque Translation fre

新旧 Word
しんきゅう Reading
new and old Translation eng incoming and outgoing Translation eng Altes und Neues Translation ger Alt und Neu Translation ger alte und neue Geschichte Translation ger ancien et nouveau Translation fre

むかし Reading
olden days Translation eng former Translation eng frührer Zeiten Translation ger vergangene Zeiten Translation ger verflossene Tagen Translation ger Früheres Translation ger Vergangenes Translation ger Gestern Translation ger Urzeit Translation ger Altertum Translation ger Vorzeit Translation ger alte Zeit Translation ger früher Translation ger damals Translation ger einst Translation ger anno dazumal Translation ger vor Jahr und Tag Translation ger vormals Translation ger zehn Jahre Translation ger (Zählwort für jeweils zehn Jahre in der Vergangenheit) Translation ger ancien temps Translation fre autrefois Translation fre temps passé Translation fre давно Translation rus в старину Translation rus

先輩 Word
せんぱい Reading
senior (at work or school) Translation eng superior Translation eng elder Translation eng older graduate Translation eng progenitor Translation eng old-timer Translation eng Senpai Translation ger Älterer Translation ger Senior Translation ger (Schule Translation ger Arbeitsplatz) Translation ger aîné Translation fre ancien (école, travail) Translation fre

長老 Word
ちょうろう Reading
eldest Translation eng senior Translation eng Ältester Translation ger Senior Translation ger {Christent.} Kirchenältester Translation ger Gemeinderat Translation ger Presbyter Translation ger aîné Translation fre ancien Translation fre

年配 Word 年輩 Word
ねんぱい Reading
elderly Translation eng age Translation eng years Translation eng Alter Translation ger âgé Translation fre âge Translation fre ancien Translation fre

免囚 Word
めんしゅう Reading
discharged prisoner Translation eng ex-convict Translation eng entlassener Sträfling Translation ger ancien détenu Translation fre prisonnier libéré Translation fre

アンシャンレジーム Reading
Ancien Regime (in France) Translation eng {Pol.} Ancien Régime Translation ger (insbes. der franz. Feudalismus vor der Franz. Revolution Translation ger aus d. Franz.) Translation ger Source Language fre

jiu4 Reading Pinyin キュウ Reading On ふる. Reading Kun もと Reading Kun gu Reading Korean Reading Korean
old times Meaning old things Meaning old friend Meaning former Meaning ex- Meaning ancien temps Meaning fr anciennes choses Meaning fr ancien ami Meaning fr ancien - Meaning fr ex- Meaning fr antiguo Meaning es viejo Meaning es viejos tiempos Meaning es tempos antigos Meaning pt coisas antigas Meaning pt amigo velho Meaning pt ex- Meaning pt anteriores Meaning pt

yuan2 Reading Pinyin ゲン Reading On ガン Reading On もと Reading Kun ちか Nanori はじめ Nanori はる Nanori ゆき Nanori よし Nanori weon Reading Korean Reading Korean
beginning Meaning former time Meaning origin Meaning commencement Meaning fr origine Meaning fr ancien temps Meaning fr comienzo Meaning es principio Meaning es origen Meaning es jefe Meaning es começo Meaning pt tempo anterior Meaning pt origem Meaning pt

jia3 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On カン Reading On Reading On きのえ Reading Kun かぶと Nanori Nanori まさ Nanori まさる Nanori gab Reading Korean Reading Korean
armor Meaning high (voice) Meaning A grade Meaning first class Meaning former Meaning instep Meaning carapace Meaning armure Meaning fr carapace Meaning fr haute (voix) Meaning fr premier ordre Meaning fr première classe Meaning fr ancien Meaning fr cou-de-pied Meaning fr signe du 1er tronc céleste Meaning fr caparazón Meaning es armadura Meaning es voz alta Meaning es primero Meaning es armadura Meaning pt alto (voz) Meaning pt Um grau Meaning pt umterior Meaning pt peito do Meaning pt carapaça Meaning pt

雅楽 Word
ががく Reading
old Japanese court music Translation eng gagaku Translation eng {Mus.} Gagaku Translation ger (altjapanische Hofmusik) Translation ger ancienne musique de cour japonaise Translation fre

Word Word
しゃく Reading せき Reading
18 ml (one-tenth of a go) Translation eng 0.033 meters square (one-hundredth of a tsubo) Translation eng dip Translation eng ladle Translation eng Shaku Translation ger (Bez. für ein Hohl- und Flächenmaß im Shaku-Kan-System: 1\10 Translation ger 18 ml, 0,018l bzw. 1\10 Tsubo Translation ger 0,033qm) Translation ger {Bergsteigen} ein Hundertstel des Aufstieges Translation ger (1\10 Translation ger ist 1\10 des Aufstieges) Translation ger ancienne unité de volume (18ml, dixième d'un go) Translation fre

しゃく Reading
shaku (unit of distance approximately equal to 30.3 cm) Translation eng rule Translation eng measure Translation eng scale Translation eng length Translation eng Shaku Translation ger japanischer Fuß Translation ger (Längenmaß im Shaku-Kan-System Translation ger ca. 0,303 m) Translation ger ancienne unité de longueur (0.303m) Translation fre

先賢 Word
せんけん Reading
ancient sage Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Weiser aus früherer Zeit Translation ger alter Gelehrter Translation ger ancienne sagesse Translation fre vieux sage Translation fre

往年 Word
おうねん Reading
former Translation eng one-time Translation eng years ago Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger alte Zeiten Translation ger anciennement Translation fre aux temps anciens Translation fre il y a des années Translation fre

ぜん Reading
(before the name of an era) pre- (e.g. "premodern") Translation eng before Translation eng earlier Translation eng the last (i.e. immediately preceding) (e.g. "the last mayor") Translation eng previous Translation eng one-time Translation eng former Translation eng anciennement Translation fre avant Translation fre ci-dessus Translation fre devant Translation fre précedent Translation fre
前・まえ Crossref

ceng2 Reading Pinyin zeng1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On Reading On ゾウ Reading On かつ Reading Kun かつて Reading Kun すなわち Reading Kun jeung Reading Korean Reading Korean
formerly Meaning once Meaning before Meaning ever Meaning never Meaning ex- Meaning anciennement Meaning fr ex- Meaning fr arrière (-petit-fils) Meaning fr arrière (-grand-mère) Meaning fr précédent Meaning fr jamais Meaning fr antes Meaning es anteriormente Meaning es hasta ahora Meaning es tres generaciones atrás Meaning es

ling4 Reading Pinyin ling2 Reading Pinyin ling3 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On のり Nanori りょう Nanori Nanori ryeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
orders Meaning ancient laws Meaning command Meaning decree Meaning ordre Meaning fr anciennes lois Meaning fr décret Meaning fr órdenes Meaning es leyes Meaning es pedidos Meaning pt leis antigas Meaning pt comando Meaning pt decreto Meaning pt

由緒 Word
ゆいしょ Reading
history Translation eng pedigree Translation eng lineage Translation eng Ursprung Translation ger Herkunft Translation ger Geschichte Translation ger Abstammung Translation ger ancienneté Translation fre lignage Translation fre происхождение Translation rus родословная Translation rus

先任 Word
せんにん Reading
seniority Translation eng predecessor Translation eng höheres Dienstalter Translation ger Anciennität Translation ger

年功制度 Word
ねんこうせいど Reading
seniority rule Translation eng Senioritätsprinzip Translation ger Anciennitätsprinzip Translation ger

Character ancient form of 'five' Definition 5 Value
JU4 Pinyin geoi6 Jyutping

Character ancient music; Chinese classical music Definition
CHI2 Pinyin ci4 Jyutping

Character ancient music; Chinese classical music Definition
haang1 Jyutping

Character ancient form of the tenth of the twelve Terrestrial Branches, U+9149 Definition
YOU3 Pinyin jau5 Jyutping YUU On TORI Kun YU Korean
U+9149 Variant

Character ancient unit of measure (8 feet); 'fathom' Definition
REN4 Pinyin jan6 Jyutping JIN On HAKARU Kun Hangul IN Korean njìn Tang
U+4EED Variant

Character ancient unit of measure (8 feet); 'fathom' Definition
REN4 Pinyin jan6 Jyutping JIN On HAKARU Kun IN Korean nhìn njìn Tang
U+4EDE Variant

Character ancient family name Definition
KAN3 Pinyin KAN On Hangul KAN Korean

Character ancient aboriginal tribe Definition
BO2 Pinyin baak6 bok3 Jyutping HOKU BOKU On PWUK Korean

Character ancient barbarian tribes Definition
YI2 Pinyin ji4 Jyutping I On TAIRAGERU KOROSU EBISU Kun Hangul I Korean i Tang Viet

Character ancient musical instrument Definition
AO2 Pinyin ngou4 ngou6 Jyutping

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