jie1 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On きざはし Reading Kun しな Nanori Nanori はし Nanori gye Reading Korean Reading Korean
storey Meaning stair Meaning counter for storeys of a building Meaning étage Meaning fr niveau Meaning fr compteur d'étages Meaning fr piso Meaning es nivel Meaning es grado Meaning es posición Meaning es Andar de edifícios Meaning pt grau Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de andares de um edifício Meaning pt

chuang2 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On とこ Reading Kun ゆか Reading Kun sang Reading Korean Reading Korean
bed Meaning counter for beds Meaning floor Meaning padding Meaning tatami Meaning plancher Meaning fr lit Meaning fr rembourrage Meaning fr tatami Meaning fr compteur de lits Meaning fr suelo Meaning es cama Meaning es alcoba Meaning es peluquería Meaning es cama Meaning pt andar Meaning pt estofamento Meaning pt tatami Meaning pt

ceng2 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On cheung Reading Korean Reading Korean
stratum Meaning social class Meaning layer Meaning story Meaning floor Meaning strate Meaning fr classe sociale Meaning fr couche Meaning fr étage Meaning fr estrato Meaning es nivel Meaning es estrato Meaning pt classe social Meaning pt camada Meaning pt estória Meaning pt andar Meaning pt

yun2 Reading Pinyin デン Reading On テン Reading On つた.わる Reading Kun つた.える Reading Kun つた. Reading Kun つだ. Reading Kun -づた. Reading Kun つて Reading Kun つたえ Nanori jeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
transmit Meaning go along Meaning walk along Meaning follow Meaning report Meaning communicate Meaning legend Meaning tradition Meaning transmettre Meaning fr côtoyer Meaning fr suivre Meaning fr rapporter Meaning fr communiquer Meaning fr légende Meaning fr tradition Meaning fr transmitir Meaning es tradición Meaning es ser transmitido Meaning es comunicar Meaning es seguir Meaning es transmitir Meaning pt progredir Meaning pt andar ao longo Meaning pt seguir Meaning pt relatório Meaning pt comunicar Meaning pt lenda Meaning pt tradição Meaning pt

アンダルガラ Reading Andalgala Romaji

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