Character angle steel, legs of a table Definition
HE2 LUO4 Pinyin hat6 Jyutping

アングル Reading
angle Translation eng Winkel Translation ger Strebe Translation ger Winkeleisen. Translation ger

鋭角 Word
えいかく Reading
acute angle Translation eng spitzer Winkel Translation ger angle aigû Translation fre angle fermé Translation fre

かく Reading
square (or cube) Translation eng angle Translation eng bishop (shogi) Translation eng third degree (of the Japanese & Chinese pentatonic scale) Translation eng Chinese "horn" constellation (one of the 28 mansions) Translation eng jiao (monetary unit of China; one-tenth of a yuan) Translation eng Viereck Translation ger Quadrat Translation ger Winkel Translation ger Läufer Translation ger (im Shôgi) Translation ger angle Translation fre fou (du jeu d'échec japonais le shogi) Translation fre
元・げん Crossref 角宿 Crossref 五音 Crossref

角度 Word
かくど Reading
angle Translation eng Größe eines Winkels Translation ger Winkel Translation ger Blickwinkel Translation ger angle Translation fre

仰角 Word
ぎょうかく Reading
angle of elevation Translation eng {Math.} Elevationswinkel Translation ger

曲がり角 Word 曲がりかど Word 曲り角 Word
まがりかど Reading
street corner Translation eng road turn Translation eng bend in the road Translation eng turning point Translation eng Straßenecke Translation ger Ecke Translation ger Wendepunkt Translation ger angle de deux rues Translation fre tournant (d'une rue, de sa vie) Translation fre

Word Word
すみ Reading すま Reading
corner Translation eng nook Translation eng recess Translation eng Winkel Translation ger Ecke Translation ger angle Translation fre coin Translation fre encoignure Translation fre recoin Translation fre угол (внутренний) Translation rus

傾斜角 Word
けいしゃかく Reading
angle of inclination Translation eng Neigungswinkel Translation ger Inklinationswinkel Translation ger

射角 Word
しゃかく Reading
angle of fire Translation eng Schusswinkel Translation ger

旋光角 Word
せんこうかく Reading
angle of rotation Translation eng

直角 Word
ちょっかく Reading
right angle Translation eng perpendicular Translation eng {Geom.} rechter Winkel Translation ger angle droit Translation fre прямой угол (90 градусов) Translation rus

鈍角 Word
どんかく Reading
obtuse angle Translation eng stumpfer Winkel Translation ger angle obtu Translation fre

入射角 Word
にゅうしゃかく Reading
angle of incidence Translation eng Einfallswinkel Translation ger

盲点 Word
もうてん Reading
blind spot Translation eng {Physiol.} blinder Fleck \\ Translation ger {Med.} Skotom Translation ger Gesichtsfelddefekt Translation ger Lücke Translation ger Schwachstelle Translation ger angle mort Translation fre

俯角 Word
ふかく Reading
depression Translation eng angle of dip Translation eng {Phys., Messw.} Deklinationswinkel Translation ger

俯仰角 Word
ふぎょうかく Reading
angle of elevation Translation eng

迎え角 Word
むかえかく Reading
angle of attack Translation eng

投射角 Word
とうしゃかく Reading
angle of projection or incidence Translation eng {Phys.} Einfallswinkel Translation ger Inzidenzwinkel Translation ger

交角 Word
こうかく Reading
angle of intersection Translation eng

屈折角 Word
くっせつかく Reading
angle of refraction Translation eng Brechungswinkel Translation ger Refraktionswinkel Translation ger

傾斜計 Word
けいしゃけい Reading
angle meter Translation eng Neigungsmesser Translation ger Klinometer Translation ger Böschungswaage Translation ger

隅木 Word
すみき Reading
angle (corner) block Translation eng angle rafter Translation eng

前進角 Word
ぜんしんかく Reading
angle of advance Translation eng

反射角 Word
はんしゃかく Reading
angle of reflection Translation eng {Phys.} Reflexionswinkel Translation ger

回転角 Word
かいてんかく Reading
angle of rotation Translation eng

角測量 Word
かくそくりょう Reading
angle measurement Translation eng

角度ゲージ Word
かくどゲージ Reading
angle gauge Translation eng

画角 Word
がかく Reading
angle of view (rel. to cameras) Translation eng

アングルドーザー Reading
angle dozer Translation eng

アングルブロック Reading
angle block Translation eng angle iron Translation eng

アングルショット Reading
angle shot Translation eng

作用角 Word
さよかく Reading
working angle Translation eng angle of action Translation eng (camshaft) duration Translation eng

交角 Traditional 交角 Simplified
jiao1 jiao3 Pinyin
angle of intersection English angle at which two lines meet English

尖括號 Traditional 尖括号 Simplified
jian1 kuo4 hao4 Pinyin
angle brackets < > English

旋轉角 Traditional 旋转角 Simplified
xuan2 zhuan3 jiao3 Pinyin
angle of rotation English

衍射角 Traditional 衍射角 Simplified
yan3 she4 jiao3 Pinyin
angle of diffraction (physics) English

視角 Traditional 视角 Simplified
shi4 jiao3 Pinyin
viewpoint English angle on sth English perspective English

Traditional Simplified
jiao3 Pinyin
angle English corner English horn English horn-shaped English unit of money equal to 0.1 yuan English

角度 Traditional 角度 Simplified
jiao3 du4 Pinyin
angle English point of view English

角規 Traditional 角规 Simplified
jiao3 gui1 Pinyin
angle gauge English clinograph English

角鐵 Traditional 角铁 Simplified
jiao3 tie3 Pinyin
angle iron English

頂角 Traditional 顶角 Simplified
ding3 jiao3 Pinyin
angle at apex English summit angle English cusp English

jiao3 Reading Pinyin jia3 Reading Pinyin jue2 Reading Pinyin カク Reading On かど Reading Kun つの Reading Kun Nanori Nanori すみ Nanori ずみ Nanori ふさ Nanori gag Reading Korean Reading Korean
angle Meaning corner Meaning square Meaning horn Meaning antlers Meaning angle Meaning fr coin Meaning fr carré Meaning fr corne Meaning fr bois (andouillers) Meaning fr ángulo Meaning es esquina Meaning es cuadrado Meaning es cuerno Meaning es ângulo Meaning pt canto Meaning pt chifre Meaning pt

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