Character angry glances; to look angrily, eyeballs Definition
CHENG4 ZHEN4 Pinyin zaam6 Jyutping

Character angry words Definition
XIN4 Pinyin

Character angry Definition
YUN4 WEN3 Pinyin wan3 Jyutping UN ON On URAMU IKARU Kun ON Korean
U+614D Traditional

Character angry Definition
QI2 Pinyin cai4 Jyutping

温色 Word
おんしょく Reading
warm colour Translation eng warm color Translation eng angry countenance Translation eng warme Farbe Translation ger gelassenes Gesicht Translation ger

怒号 Word
どごう Reading
angry roar Translation eng bellow Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger wütendes Gebrüll Translation ger cri, rugissement de colère Translation fre

怒声 Word
どせい Reading
angry voice Translation eng harsh words Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger zornige Stimme Translation ger

怒った顔 Word
おこったかお Reading
angry face (countenance) Translation eng ärgerliches Gesicht Translation ger

怖い顔 Word
こわいかお Reading
grim face Translation eng angry look Translation eng böses Gesicht Translation ger furchterregendes Gesicht Translation ger

怒面 Word
どめん Reading
angry face Translation eng

アングリー Reading
angry Translation eng

口角 Traditional 口角 Simplified
kou3 jiao3 Pinyin
altercation English wrangle English angry argument English

嗔目 Traditional 嗔目 Simplified
chen1 mu4 Pinyin
glare English angry look English to open one's eyes wide English to stare angrily English to glare English to glower English

嗔色 Traditional 嗔色 Simplified
chen1 se4 Pinyin
angry or sullen look English

大怒 Traditional 大怒 Simplified
da4 nu4 Pinyin
angry English indignant English

Traditional Simplified
shi4 Pinyin
majestic manner English red English angry English

彪休 Traditional 彪休 Simplified
biao1 xiu1 Pinyin
angry English wrathful English

忿怒 Traditional 忿怒 Simplified
fen4 nu4 Pinyin
angry English wrath English

怒容 Traditional 怒容 Simplified
nu4 rong2 Pinyin
angry look English

怒色 Traditional 怒色 Simplified
nu4 se4 Pinyin
angry look English glare English scowl English

怫然 Traditional 怫然 Simplified
fu2 ran2 Pinyin fei4 ran2 Taiwan
angry English enraged English

Traditional Simplified
juan1 Pinyin
angry English sad English

Traditional Simplified
xing4 Pinyin
angry English

悻悻 Traditional 悻悻 Simplified
xing4 xing4 Pinyin
angry English resentful English

惱怒 Traditional 恼怒 Simplified
nao3 nu4 Pinyin
resentful English angry English to enrage sb English

惱恨 Traditional 恼恨 Simplified
nao3 hen4 Pinyin
to hate and resent English angry and full of grievances English

憤怒 Traditional 愤怒 Simplified
fen4 nu4 Pinyin
angry English indignant English

Traditional Simplified
qi2 Pinyin
angry English

Traditional Simplified
chu4 Pinyin
(person) English angry English

氣不平 Traditional 气不平 Simplified
qi4 bu4 ping2 Pinyin
angry at unfairness English

氣冲冲 Traditional 气冲冲 Simplified
qi4 chong1 chong1 Pinyin
angry English bad-tempered English

火兒 Traditional 火儿 Simplified
huo3 r5 Pinyin
fire English fury English angry English

Traditional Simplified
nou4 Pinyin
angry dog English

生氣 Traditional 生气 Simplified
sheng1 qi4 Pinyin
angry English mad English offended English animated English to get angry English to be enraged English to take offense English animation English

發憤圖強 Traditional 发愤图强 Simplified
fa1 fen4 tu2 qiang2 Pinyin
angry determination English

Traditional Simplified
fu2 Pinyin
angry English

jian1 Reading Pinyin セン Reading On とが. Reading Kun さき Reading Kun するど. Reading Kun cheom Reading Korean Reading Korean
be pointed Meaning sharp Meaning taper Meaning displeased Meaning angry Meaning edgy Meaning puntiagudo Meaning es afilado Meaning es disgustado Meaning es hacerse puntiagudo Meaning es hacerse afilado Meaning es

nu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On いか. Reading Kun おこ. Reading Kun no Reading Korean Reading Korean
angry Meaning be offended Meaning colère Meaning fr offenser Meaning fr enojo Meaning es enfado Meaning es enojarse Meaning es enfadarse Meaning es Zangado Meaning pt ofender-se Meaning pt

xiang1 Reading Pinyin クウ Reading On コウ Reading On gang Reading Korean Reading Korean
angry voice Meaning gargle Meaning throat Meaning

ai2 Reading Pinyin ya2 Reading Pinyin ガイ Reading On まなじり Reading Kun ae Reading Korean Reading Korean
glare Meaning angry look Meaning

xing4 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On ギョウ Reading On コウ Reading On もと. Reading Kun haeng Reading Korean
anger Meaning vexation Meaning angry Meaning indignant Meaning

zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On
angry Meaning enraged Meaning resentful Meaning hate Meaning

hu2 Reading Pinyin
angry Meaning the throat Meaning what? how? why? which? Meaning

Character angry, (same as ) generous; unselfish; liberal Definition
PENG2 Pinyin pang4 Jyutping

Character angry, reproof; scolding Definition
XING4 Pinyin hang6 Jyutping

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