Character annoyed Definition
OU4 Pinyin au3 Jyutping
U+616A Traditional

Character annoyed Definition
OU4 Pinyin au1 au3 Jyutping
U+6004 Simplified

仕方ない Word 仕方無い Word
しかたない Reading
it can't be helped Translation eng it's inevitable Translation eng it's no use Translation eng can't stand it Translation eng impatient Translation eng annoyed Translation eng nicht zu ändern Translation ger unvermeidbar Translation ger unverbesserlich Translation ger unerträglich Translation ger unmöglich Translation ger unbedingt Translation ger gezwungenermaßen Translation ger

閉口 Word
へいこう Reading
dumbfounded Translation eng stumped Translation eng at one's wits end Translation eng nonplussed Translation eng annoyed Translation eng Sprachlosigkeit Translation ger Verblüffung Translation ger Verwirrung Translation ger Verärgerung Translation ger se taire Translation fre se tenir coi Translation fre

懊惱 Traditional 懊恼 Simplified
ao4 nao3 Pinyin
annoyed English vexed English upset English

窩囊 Traditional 窝囊 Simplified
wo1 nang5 Pinyin
annoyed English to feel vexed English pointless English asinine English good-for-nothing English stupid and cowardly English

kun4 Reading Pinyin コン Reading On こま. Reading Kun gon Reading Korean Reading Korean
quandary Meaning become distressed Meaning annoyed Meaning embarras Meaning fr affligé Meaning fr ennuyé Meaning fr dificultades Meaning es preocupaciones Meaning es sufrir Meaning es afligirse Meaning es hallarse en apuros Meaning es dúvida Meaning pt torna-se angustiado Meaning pt aborrecido Meaning pt incerteza Meaning pt dilema Meaning pt

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