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qian4 Pinyin
apologize English deficient English to regret English

xie4 Reading Pinyin シャ Reading On あやま. Reading Kun Nanori Nanori sa Reading Korean Reading Korean
apologize Meaning thank Meaning refuse Meaning excuses Meaning fr remerciements Meaning fr refus Meaning fr disculparse Meaning es agradecer Meaning es rehusar Meaning es pedir desculpas Meaning pt agradecer Meaning pt recusar Meaning pt

duan4 Reading Pinyin ダン Reading On . Reading Kun ことわ. Reading Kun さだ.める Reading Kun dan Reading Korean Reading Korean
severance Meaning decline Meaning refuse Meaning apologize Meaning warn Meaning dismiss Meaning prohibit Meaning decision Meaning judgement Meaning cutting Meaning refus Meaning fr décliner Meaning fr rupture Meaning fr excuses Meaning fr prévenir Meaning fr rejeter Meaning fr interdire Meaning fr décision Meaning fr jugement Meaning fr trancher Meaning fr cortar Meaning es interrumpir Meaning es rehusar Meaning es declinar Meaning es rechazar Meaning es desligamento Meaning pt decadência Meaning pt recusa Meaning pt pedir desculpas Meaning pt avisar Meaning pt despedir Meaning pt proíbir Meaning pt decisão Meaning pt julgamento Meaning pt incisivo Meaning pt

cha4 Reading Pinyin Reading On わび Reading Kun わび.しい Reading Kun かこつ Reading Kun .びる Reading Kun わび. Reading Kun たく Nanori ta Reading Korean Reading Korean
apologize Meaning

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