Word Word 吾れ Word 我れ Word
われ Reading Reading あれ Reading Reading わぬ Reading わろ Reading
I Translation eng me Translation eng oneself Translation eng you Translation eng prefix indicating familiarity or contempt Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger ich Translation ger Selbst Translation ger ego Translation fre me Translation fre soi-même Translation fre son propre Translation fre я Translation rus я сам Translation rus

荒れ Word
あれ Reading
stormy weather Translation eng tempest Translation eng chaps (of skin) Translation eng Sturm Translation ger stürmisches Wetter Translation ger Unwetter Translation ger Hautriss Translation ger rissige Haut Translation ger raue Haut Translation ger

アレ Reading Are Romaji

亜礼 Word
あれ Reading Are Romaji

亜鈴 Word
あれ Reading Are Romaji

阿礼 Word
あれ Reading Are Romaji

阿連 Word
あれ Reading Are Romaji

安礼 Word
あれ Reading Are Romaji

あれ Reading Are Romaji

いらっしゃる Reading
to come Translation eng to go Translation eng to be (somewhere) Translation eng (after a -te form, or the particle "de") is (doing) Translation eng are (doing) Translation eng kommen Translation ger gehen Translation ger sein. Translation ger (ehrerbietig höflich) Translation ger être Translation fre aller Translation fre venir Translation fre идти́ Translation rus приходи́ть Translation rus находи́ться Translation rus

アール Reading
measure of area (100 sq.m.) Translation eng are Translation eng Source Language fre

ざり Reading
(used after a -nai stem) not ... Translation eng is Translation eng are Translation eng

オーレ Reading Are (Sweden) Romaji Aure Romaji

你好嗎 Traditional 你好吗 Simplified
ni3 hao3 ma5 Pinyin
How are you? English Are you well? English

少不了 Traditional 少不了 Simplified
shao3 bu5 liao3 Pinyin
cannot do without English to be unavoidable English are bound to be many English

Traditional Simplified
shi4 Pinyin
is English are English am English yes English to be English

アレアンドロ Reading Aleandro Romaji

アレアルディ Reading Aleardi Romaji

アレビ Reading Halevy Romaji

アレボー Reading Arrebo Romaji

荒地 Word 荒れ地 Word
あれち Reading こうち Reading
wasteland Translation eng wilderness Translation eng abandoned land Translation eng devastated land Translation eng The Wasteland (poem by T.S. Eliot) Translation eng

荒地 Word
あれち Reading Arechi Romaji

zai1 Reading Pinyin Reading On サイ Reading On あれち Reading Kun chi Reading Korean
to weed grass Meaning land under cultivation Meaning

zi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On サイ Reading On あれち Reading Kun

荒地野 Word
あれちの Reading Arechino Romaji

荒地山 Word
あれちやま Reading Arechiyama Romaji

あれだけ Reading あんだけ Reading
to that extent Translation eng to that degree Translation eng so Translation ger so sehr Translation ger in solch einer Weise Translation ger

アレー Reading Alais Romaji Allais Romaji

アレフ Reading
aleph Translation eng

アレガン Reading Allegan Romaji

阿連川 Word
あれがわ Reading Aregawa Romaji

アレッグラ Reading Allegra Romaji

アレゴリー Reading
allegory Translation eng Allegorie Translation ger

アレグ Reading Aleg (Mauritania) Romaji

アレグレ Reading Allegret Romaji

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