Character attached to, inseparable; entangled Definition
QIAN3 Pinyin hin2 Jyutping TEN KIN On TEATSUI Kun Hangul KYEN Korean khín Viet
U+7F31 Simplified

Character attached to, inseparable; entangl Definition
QIAN3 Pinyin hin2 Jyutping
U+7E7E Traditional

外付け Word 外付 Word
そとづけ Reading
attached outside Translation eng external Translation eng

所属 Word
しょぞく Reading
attached to Translation eng belong to Translation eng member Translation eng Zugehörigkeit Translation ger Angehörigkeit Translation ger appartenance Translation fre

専属 Word
せんぞく Reading
exclusive Translation eng attached to Translation eng specialist Translation eng ausschließlich Translation ger exklusiv Translation ger attaché à Translation fre exclusivité Translation fre spécialiste Translation fre

付図 Word 附図 Word
ふず Reading
attached map, plan, diagram or chart Translation eng Kartenanhang Translation ger beigefügte Karte Translation ger beigefügte Tabelle Translation ger

付表 Word 附表 Word
ふひょう Reading
attached list Translation eng appended chart, table or graph Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger beigefügte Tabelle Translation ger (zu einem Text etc.) Translation ger

付き Word
つき Reading づき Reading ツキ Reading
furnished with Translation eng including Translation eng attached to Translation eng impression Translation eng appearance Translation eng luck Translation eng sociality Translation eng under Translation eng assistant (e.g. to a manager) Translation eng soup base Translation eng Zuteilung Translation ger Glück Translation ger Aufnahme Translation ger Annahme Translation ger
お付き Crossref

付属 Word 附属 Word
ふぞく Reading
attached Translation eng belonging (to) Translation eng included Translation eng enclosed Translation eng affiliated Translation eng annexed Translation eng associated Translation eng subordinate Translation eng incidental Translation eng dependent Translation eng auxiliary Translation eng Zugehörigkeit Translation ger Angliederung Translation ger Neben... Translation ger Sekundar... Translation ger {Buddh.} Weitergabe buddhidtischer Geheimnisse vom Lehrer zum Schüler Translation ger (Abk. f.) Translation ger angegliederte Schule Translation ger affilié à Translation fre annexé par Translation fre appartenant à Translation fre associé à Translation fre attaché Translation fre auxiliaire à Translation fre dependant de Translation fre subordonné à Translation fre

恋恋 Word
れんれん Reading
attached to Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger anhänglich Translation ger verliebt Translation ger

添付書類 Word
てんぷしょるい Reading
attached papers Translation eng attachment (mail, etc.) Translation eng Anlage Translation ger Beilage Translation ger (zu einem Brief) Translation ger

添付ファイル Word
てんぷファイル Reading
attached file Translation eng attachment Translation eng

付着物 Word
ふちゃくぶつ Reading
attached matter Translation eng attached substances Translation eng accretion Translation eng incrustation Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
qian3 Pinyin
attached to English loving English

附上 Traditional 附上 Simplified
fu4 shang4 Pinyin
attached English included herewith English

附屬 Traditional 附属 Simplified
fu4 shu3 Pinyin
subsidiary English auxiliary English attached English affiliated English subordinate English subordinating English

附設 Traditional 附设 Simplified
fu4 she4 Pinyin
annexed to English attached to English associated English

隨信 Traditional 随信 Simplified
sui2 xin4 Pinyin
attached with the letter English

Traditional Simplified
li4 Pinyin
attached to English scribe English

qian3 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On テン Reading On キン Reading On てあつい Reading Kun gyeon Reading Korean
attached to Meaning inseparable Meaning entangled Meaning

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