まえ Reading
in front (of) Translation eng before (e.g. the house) Translation eng head (of a line) Translation eng front (e.g. of a bus) Translation eng fore part Translation eng ago Translation eng before (some event) Translation eng previously Translation eng (minutes) to (the hour) Translation eng helping Translation eng portion Translation eng privates Translation eng private parts Translation eng in the presence of Translation eng vorn Translation ger vor Translation ger erster Teil Translation ger vorderer Teil Translation ger vor Translation ger bevor Translation ger fruher Translation ger Portion Translation ger Anteil Translation ger fur ... Personen Translation ger en présence de Translation fre antérieur Translation fre auparavant Translation fre avant Translation fre devant Translation fre précédent Translation fre moins (5 heures moins 10) Translation fre tête (de ligne) Translation fre перед Translation rus до Translation rus
人前・にんまえ Crossref 前・ぜん Crossref

予て Word 兼ねて Word
かねて Reading
previously Translation eng already Translation eng lately Translation eng vorher Translation ger im voraus Translation ger bereits Translation ger schon Translation ger früher Translation ger schon früher Translation ger damals Translation ger einst Translation ger à l'avance Translation fre auparavant Translation fre

ji4 Reading Pinyin Reading On すで. Reading Kun gi Reading Korean Reading Korean
previously Meaning already Meaning long ago Meaning déjà Meaning fr auparavant Meaning fr il y a longtemps Meaning fr anterior Meaning es previo Meaning es pasado Meaning es ya Meaning es antes Meaning es previamente Meaning pt Meaning pt muito tempo Meaning pt

yu2 Reading Pinyin yu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On シャ Reading On あらかじ. Reading Kun yeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
beforehand Meaning previous Meaning myself Meaning I Meaning auparavant Meaning fr à l'avance Meaning fr moi Meaning fr je Meaning fr de antemano Meaning es previo Meaning es de antemão Meaning pt prévio Meaning pt eu mesmo Meaning pt Eu Meaning pt

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