Word Word
さき Reading
previous Translation eng prior Translation eng former Translation eng some time ago Translation eng preceding Translation eng point (e.g. pencil) Translation eng tip Translation eng end Translation eng nozzle Translation eng ahead Translation eng the other side Translation eng the future Translation eng hereafter Translation eng destination Translation eng the other party Translation eng head (of a line) Translation eng front Translation eng Spitze Translation ger Ende Translation ger Stirn Translation ger Front Translation ger Kopf Translation ger Führung Translation ger Folge Translation ger Fortsetzung Translation ger etw. Ehemaliges Translation ger etw. vor einem Liegendes Translation ger Zukunft Translation ger destination Translation fre avenir Translation fre futur Translation fre suite (d'une histoire) Translation fre bout (de ligne) Translation fre pointe (crayon) Translation fre avant Translation fre précédent Translation fre

前途 Word
ぜんと Reading
future prospects Translation eng outlook Translation eng the journey ahead Translation eng Zukunft Translation ger Aussicht Translation ger avenir Translation fre avoir un long chemin devant soi Translation fre perspectives Translation fre

すえ Reading
end Translation eng close Translation eng future Translation eng finally Translation eng tip Translation eng top Translation eng trivialities Translation eng posterity Translation eng youngest child Translation eng Ende Translation ger Schluss Translation ger Abschluss Translation ger Zukunft Translation ger Aussicht Translation ger Nachkommen Translation ger Nebensächlichkeit Translation ger Geringfügigkeit Translation ger nach Translation ger avenir Translation fre bout Translation fre fin Translation fre futur Translation fre plus jeune des enfants Translation fre terme Translation fre конец Translation rus

みゃく Reading
pulse Translation eng {Anat.} Vene Translation ger Ader Translation ger {Med.} Puls Translation ger Pulspulschlag Translation ger Pulsieren Translation ger Gesteinsader Translation ger Erzader Translation ger Lager Translation ger Hoffnung Translation ger avenir Translation fre chaîne (de montagne) Translation fre pouls Translation fre veine Translation fre пульс Translation rus

mo4 Reading Pinyin マツ Reading On バツ Reading On すえ Reading Kun mal Reading Korean Reading Korean
end Meaning close Meaning tip Meaning powder Meaning posterity Meaning extrémité Meaning fr fin Meaning fr dernier Meaning fr poudre Meaning fr avenir Meaning fr postérité Meaning fr aún Meaning es punta Meaning es extremo Meaning es final Meaning es polvo Meaning es fin Meaning es futuro Meaning es el más joven Meaning es não ainda Meaning pt fim Meaning pt fechar Meaning pt dica Meaning pt Meaning pt posteridade Meaning pt

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