hui4 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On Reading On めぐ. Reading Kun めぐ. Reading Kun あや Nanori Nanori さと Nanori さとし Nanori しげ Nanori へい Nanori Nanori やす Nanori hye Reading Korean Reading Korean
favor Meaning blessing Meaning grace Meaning kindness Meaning bénéficier de Meaning fr faveur divine Meaning fr grâce Meaning fr gentillesse Meaning fr favor Meaning es bendición Meaning es gracia Meaning es bondad Meaning es ser bondadoso Meaning es favorecer Meaning es favor Meaning pt benção Meaning pt graça Meaning pt gentileza Meaning pt

yu4 Reading Pinyin ヨク Reading On .びる Reading Kun .びせる Reading Kun えき Nanori さこ Nanori yog Reading Korean Reading Korean
bathe Meaning be favored with Meaning bask in Meaning bain Meaning fr dorer (au soleil) Meaning fr bénéficier de Meaning fr bañarse Meaning es tomar un baño Meaning es ducharse Meaning es verter Meaning es banhar Meaning pt favorecer-se Meaning pt aquecer-se ao sol Meaning pt

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