zhou1 Reading Pinyin シュウ Reading On Reading On Reading Kun くに Nanori ju Reading Korean Reading Korean
state Meaning province Meaning province Meaning fr état Meaning fr estado Meaning es provincia Meaning es banco de arena Meaning es estado Meaning pt província Meaning pt

zhou1 Reading Pinyin シュウ Reading On Reading On しま Reading Kun ju Reading Korean Reading Korean
continent Meaning sandbar Meaning island Meaning country Meaning banco de arena Meaning es continente Meaning es

lai4 Reading Pinyin ライ Reading On Reading Kun いわた Nanori がせ Nanori しげ Nanori せい Nanori せっ Nanori roe Reading Korean Reading Korean
rapids Meaning current Meaning torrent Meaning shallows Meaning shoal Meaning rapides Meaning fr courant Meaning fr torrent Meaning fr hauts fonds Meaning fr corriente de agua Meaning es rápidos Meaning es torrente Meaning es tiempo Meaning es ocasión Meaning es corredeiras Meaning pt corrente Meaning pt torrente Meaning pt baixios Meaning pt banco de areia Meaning pt

tai2 Reading Pinyin tai1 Reading Pinyin ダイ Reading On タイ Reading On うてな Reading Kun われ Reading Kun つかさ Reading Kun tae Reading Korean i Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
pedestal Meaning a stand Meaning counter for machines and vehicles Meaning piédestal Meaning fr socle Meaning fr compteur de voitures ou machines Meaning fr estante Meaning es banco Meaning es tribuna Meaning es pedestal Meaning es contador para maquinas y vehículos Meaning es pedestal Meaning pt stand Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para máquinas e veículos Meaning pt

fang2 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On ふせ. Reading Kun あた Nanori Nanori ほう Nanori bang Reading Korean Reading Korean
ward off Meaning defend Meaning protect Meaning resist Meaning prévenir (un danger) Meaning fr défendre Meaning fr protéger Meaning fr résister Meaning fr defender Meaning es proteger Meaning es aguantar Meaning es prevenir Meaning es presa Meaning es banco Meaning es desligar Meaning pt defender Meaning pt proteger Meaning pt resistir Meaning pt

合眾銀行 Traditional 合众银行 Simplified
He2 zhong4 yin2 hang2 Pinyin
Bancorp, a US bank English

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