fu2 Reading Pinyin bi4 Reading Pinyin フツ Reading On ヒツ Reading On ホツ Reading On はら. Reading Kun -はら. Reading Kun -ばら. Reading Kun はらい Nanori bul Reading Korean pil Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
pay Meaning clear out Meaning prune Meaning banish Meaning dispose of Meaning payer Meaning fr nettoyer Meaning fr tailler Meaning fr bannir Meaning fr se débarrasser de Meaning fr pagar Meaning es saldar Meaning es liquidar Meaning es tributar Meaning es pagamento Meaning pt limpar Meaning pt podar Meaning pt bamir Meaning pt livra-se de Meaning pt

fang4 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On はな. Reading Kun -っぱな. Reading Kun はな. Reading Kun はな.れる Reading Kun . Reading Kun ほう. Reading Kun はなれ Nanori bang Reading Korean Reading Korean
set free Meaning release Meaning fire Meaning shoot Meaning emit Meaning banish Meaning liberate Meaning libérer Meaning fr relâcher Meaning fr renvoyer Meaning fr enflammer Meaning fr bannir Meaning fr émettre Meaning fr dejar libre Meaning es soltar Meaning es liberar Meaning es emitir Meaning es separarse Meaning es abandonar Meaning es libertar Meaning pt liberação Meaning pt fogo Meaning pt disparar Meaning pt emitir Meaning pt banir Meaning pt liberar Meaning pt

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