Character beam Definition
MANG2 Pinyin mong4 Jyutping

Character beam of a house Definition
XI2 Pinyin PO Korean

Character beam Definition
LI3 LI4 Pinyin lai6 Jyutping REI RAI RI On MUNE Kun

ビーム Reading
beam Translation eng Lichtbündel Translation ger Strahlenbündel Translation ger Balken. Translation ger луч Translation rus

ビームアンテナ Reading
beam antenna Translation eng Richtantenne Translation ger Richtstrahlantenne Translation ger

ビームライダー Reading
beam rider Translation eng

竿 Word Word
さお Reading
rod Translation eng pole Translation eng neck (of a shamisen, etc.) Translation eng shamisen Translation eng beam (i.e. the crossbar of a balance) Translation eng single line (esp. as a flying formation for geese) Translation eng penis Translation eng counter for flags (on poles) Translation eng counter for long, thin Japanese sweets (e.g. youkan) Translation eng Stange Translation ger Stab Translation ger Rute Translation ger (einer Angel) Translation ger Hals Translation ger (einer Shamisen o.Ä.) Translation ger Balken Translation ger (einer Waage) Translation ger Stake Translation ger (Stange zum Abstoßen u. Vorwärtsbewegen eines Bootes) Translation ger Sorte de barre sur laquelle on fait sécher le linge Translation fre

けた Reading
column Translation eng beam Translation eng digit Translation eng decade Translation eng order of magnitude Translation eng Tragbalken Translation ger Träger Translation ger Querbalken Translation ger Sparre Translation ger Brückenbalken Translation ger Spiere Translation ger {Math.} Stelle Translation ger (einer Zahl) Translation ger chiffre Translation fre poutre Translation fre

光線 Word
こうせん Reading
beam Translation eng light ray Translation eng Lichtstrahl Translation ger faisceau Translation fre rayon (lumineux) Translation fre

信号電波 Word
しんごうでんぱ Reading
beam (signal) Translation eng Funkleitstrahl Translation ger Richtstrahl Translation ger

せん Reading
line (also telephone, railway) Translation eng wire Translation eng beam Translation eng Linie Translation ger Kabel Translation ger Draht Translation ger Geleise Translation ger Gleis Translation ger Route Translation ger die schlanke Linie Translation ger Strahl Translation ger Lichtstrahl Translation ger Niveau Translation ger Parteilinie Translation ger fil Translation fre ligne Translation fre rayon Translation fre (телефонная) ли́ния Translation rus (ж..) путь Translation rus провод Translation rus

光芒 Word
こうぼう Reading
beam of light Translation eng {Naturphän.} (schriftspr.) Translation ger Lichtstrahl Translation ger Leuchtstrahl Translation ger

梁木 Word
りょうぼく Reading
beam Translation eng Balken Translation ger

竿秤 Word 棹秤 Word
さおばかり Reading
beam balance Translation eng steelyard Translation eng Balkenwaage Translation ger Laufgewichtswaage Translation ger

ビームライフル Reading
beam rifle Translation eng

亮光 Traditional 亮光 Simplified
liang4 guang1 Pinyin
light English beam of light English gleam of light English light reflected from an object English

平衡木 Traditional 平衡木 Simplified
ping2 heng2 mu4 Pinyin
beam (gymnastics) English balance beam English

播送 Traditional 播送 Simplified
bo1 song4 Pinyin
broadcast English transmit English beam English

Traditional Simplified
fu2 Pinyin
beam English rafter English

Traditional Simplified
liang2 Pinyin
beam of roof English bridge English

梁木 Traditional 梁木 Simplified
liang2 mu4 Pinyin
beam English rafter English lintel English person able to bear heavy responsibility English mainstay (of organization) English pillar (of state) English

Traditional Simplified
lu:3 Pinyin
beam at the eaves English

Traditional Simplified
chuan2 Pinyin
beam English rafters English

橫梁 Traditional 横梁 Simplified
heng2 liang2 Pinyin
beam English

Traditional Simplified
li4 Pinyin
beam English

波束 Traditional 波束 Simplified
bo1 shu4 Pinyin
beam English

粒子束 Traditional 粒子束 Simplified
li4 zi3 shu4 Pinyin
beam of elementary particles English

Traditional Simplified
zhou1 Pinyin
beam English pole English shaft English

電子束 Traditional 电子束 Simplified
dian4 zi3 shu4 Pinyin
beam of electrons English

hang2 Reading Pinyin heng2 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On けた Reading Kun hang Reading Korean hyeon Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
beam Meaning girder Meaning spar Meaning unit or column (accounting) Meaning

liang2 Reading Pinyin リョウ Reading On はり Reading Kun うつばり Reading Kun うちばり Reading Kun やな Reading Kun はし Reading Kun ryang Reading Korean Reading Korean
weir Meaning fish trap Meaning beam Meaning girder Meaning nombre de una antigua región de China Meaning es viga Meaning es travesaño Meaning es puente Meaning es presa Meaning es trampa para peces Meaning es

liang2 Reading Pinyin リョウ Reading On はり Reading Kun うつばり Reading Kun うちばり Reading Kun やな Reading Kun はし Reading Kun ryang Reading Korean hoe Reading Korean
bridge Meaning beam Meaning

li4 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On ライ Reading On Reading On むね Reading Kun
beam Meaning

sun3 Reading Pinyin シュン Reading On サン Reading On ゼン Reading On よこぎ Reading Kun
beam for hanging bells or drums Meaning

ベアマン Reading Behrman Romaji

ビーマン Reading Beaman Romaji

赫奕 Word
かくえき Reading かくやく Reading
bright Translation eng beaming Translation eng brilliant Translation eng glowing Translation eng

滿面春風 Traditional 满面春风 Simplified
man3 mian4 chun1 feng1 Pinyin
beaming English radiant with happiness English

笑眯眯 Traditional 笑眯眯 Simplified
xiao4 mi1 mi1 Pinyin
beaming English all smiles English

Character beams in the roof of a house confused, disordered Definition
FEN2 FEN1 FEN4 Pinyin fan4 Jyutping HUN BUN On MUNAGI Kun Hangul PWUN Korean

棟梁 Word
とうりょう Reading
chief support Translation eng pillar (e.g. of nation) Translation eng leader Translation eng boss Translation eng master (craftsman) Translation eng beams and ridge supports of a roof (orig. meaning) Translation eng Baumeister Translation ger Haupt Translation ger

外光 Word
がいこう Reading
beams of light outside Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
fen2 Pinyin
beams in roof English confused English

fen2 Reading Pinyin フン Reading On むなぎ Reading Kun bun Reading Korean
beams in the roof of a house confused Meaning disordered Meaning

Character beams, rafters, supports Definition
CHUAN2 Pinyin cyun4 Jyutping TEN On TARUKI Kun Hangul YEN Korean djhiuɛn Tang

公職人員 Traditional 公职人员 Simplified
gong1 zhi2 ren2 yuan2 Pinyin
Beamte (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

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