Character bear children, give birth; birth Definition
DAN4 Pinyin daan3 Jyutping
U+8A95 Traditional

Character bear Definition
TUI2 CHUI2 ZHUI1 Pinyin teoi4 Jyutping TAI ZUI TSUI On Hangul CHWU Korean

ベア Reading ベアー Reading
base up Source Language eng increase in basic salary Translation eng bear Translation eng Erhöhung der Lohnbasis Translation ger Gehaltserhöhung Translation ger

くま Reading
bear (animal) Translation eng {Zool.} Bär Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Ursidae>) Translation ger ours Translation fre медве́дь Translation rus

熊狩り Word
くまがり Reading
bear hunting Translation eng Bärenjagd Translation ger

弱気市場 Word
よわきいちば Reading
bear market Translation eng

ベアハッグ Reading
bear hug Translation eng

ベア川 Word
ベアがわ Reading Bear (river) Romaji

切記 Traditional 切记 Simplified
qie4 ji4 Pinyin
bear in mind! English be sure to remember English remember sth clearly English

包涵 Traditional 包涵 Simplified
bao1 han2 Pinyin
excuse English forgive English bear with English

Traditional Simplified
zi1 Pinyin
industrious English produce English bear English

揹負 Traditional 背负 Simplified
bei1 fu4 Pinyin
bear English carry on the back English have on one's shoulder English

Traditional Simplified
pei1 Pinyin
to hate English bear grudge English

Traditional Simplified
xiong2 Pinyin
bear English to scold English to rebuke English brilliant light English to shine brightly English

熊掌 Traditional 熊掌 Simplified
xiong2 zhang3 Pinyin
bear paw (as food) English

結出 Traditional 结出 Simplified
jie2 chu1 Pinyin
bear (fruit) English

跌市 Traditional 跌市 Simplified
die1 shi4 Pinyin
falling stock prices English bear market English

跌風 Traditional 跌风 Simplified
die1 feng1 Pinyin
falling prices English bear market English

逼肖 Traditional 逼肖 Simplified
bi1 xiao4 Pinyin
bear a close resemblance to English be the very image of English

貝爾斯登 Traditional 贝尔斯登 Simplified
bei4 er3 si1 deng1 Pinyin
Bear Sterns (u.E.) Deutsch

he2 Reading Pinyin he4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading Kun はす Nanori Nanori ha Reading Korean Reading Korean
baggage Meaning shoulder-pole load Meaning bear (a burden) Meaning shoulder (a gun) Meaning load Meaning cargo Meaning freight Meaning bagages Meaning fr balancier Meaning fr porter (un fardeau) Meaning fr épauler (fusil) Meaning fr cargaison Meaning fr chargement Meaning fr fret Meaning fr bulto Meaning es carga Meaning es llevar una cargar Meaning es contador para bultos Meaning es equipaje Meaning es bagagem Meaning pt pau para carregar no ombro Meaning pt carregar (carga) Meaning pt carregar (arma) Meaning pt carga Meaning pt

han2 Reading Pinyin ガン Reading On ふく. Reading Kun ふく.める Reading Kun ham Reading Korean Reading Korean
include Meaning bear in mind Meaning understand Meaning cherish Meaning inclure Meaning fr retenir Meaning fr comprendre Meaning fr chérir Meaning fr incluir Meaning es tener en mente Meaning es entender Meaning es comprender Meaning es tener en la boca Meaning es contener Meaning es incluir Meaning pt ter em conta Meaning pt compreender Meaning pt tratar com carinho Meaning pt

xiong2 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On くま Reading Kun ung Reading Korean Reading Korean
bear Meaning ours Meaning fr oso Meaning es

hen4 Reading Pinyin コン Reading On うら. Reading Kun うら.めしい Reading Kun han Reading Korean Reading Korean
regret Meaning bear a grudge Meaning resentment Meaning malice Meaning hatred Meaning ressentiment Meaning fr regret Meaning fr rancune Meaning fr méchanceté Meaning fr haine Meaning fr rencor Meaning es resentimiento Meaning es odio Meaning es arrepentimiento Meaning es guardar rencor Meaning es estar resentido Meaning es arrepentirse Meaning es lamento Meaning pt rancor Meaning pt resentimento Meaning pt malícia Meaning pt ódio Meaning pt

chan3 Reading Pinyin サン Reading On . Reading Kun .まれる Reading Kun うぶ- Reading Kun . Reading Kun もと Nanori san Reading Korean Reading Korean
products Meaning bear Meaning give birth Meaning yield Meaning childbirth Meaning native Meaning property Meaning production Meaning fr porter (fruits) Meaning fr donner naissance Meaning fr produire Meaning fr natal Meaning fr propriété Meaning fr producto Meaning es producir Meaning es propiedad Meaning es dar a luz Meaning es nacer Meaning es produtos Meaning pt dar a luz Meaning pt nascer Meaning pt dar crias Meaning pt nascimento Meaning pt nativo Meaning pt bens Meaning pt

dan4 Reading Pinyin dan1 Reading Pinyin dan3 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On かつ. Reading Kun にな. Reading Kun dan Reading Korean Reading Korean
shouldering Meaning carry Meaning raise Meaning bear Meaning se charger de Meaning fr responsable Meaning fr porter Meaning fr soutenir Meaning fr cargar Meaning es transportar Meaning es Levar nas costas Meaning pt carregar Meaning pt levantar Meaning pt transportar Meaning pt

ren3 Reading Pinyin ニン Reading On しの. Reading Kun しの.ばせる Reading Kun おし Nanori in Reading Korean Reading Korean
endure Meaning bear Meaning put up with Meaning conceal Meaning secrete Meaning spy Meaning sneak Meaning supporter Meaning fr endurer Meaning fr dissimuler Meaning fr cacher Meaning fr secret Meaning fr espion Meaning fr se glisser Meaning fr subrepticement Meaning fr resistencia Meaning es aguante Meaning es oculto Meaning es escondido Meaning es resistir Meaning es aguantar Meaning es soportar Meaning es ocultarse Meaning es esconderse Meaning es ir a hurtadillas Meaning es suporte Meaning pt carregar Meaning pt tolerar Meaning pt esconder Meaning pt ocultar Meaning pt espionar Meaning pt furtivo Meaning pt

fu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ける Reading Kun .かす Reading Kun . Reading Kun bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
defeat Meaning negative Meaning - Meaning minus Meaning bear Meaning owe Meaning assume a responsibility Meaning défaite Meaning fr perdre Meaning fr moins Meaning fr négatif Meaning fr assumer Meaning fr porter sur le dos Meaning fr devoir à quelqu'un Meaning fr faire un rabais Meaning fr llevar Meaning es tomar a su cargo Meaning es deber Meaning es ser derrotado Meaning es llevarse la victoria Meaning es derrotar Meaning pt negativa Meaning pt menos Meaning pt carregar Meaning pt dever a Meaning pt assumir uma responsabilidade Meaning pt

mian3 Reading Pinyin wan3 Reading Pinyin ベン Reading On man Reading Korean Reading Korean
bear (children) Meaning

li4 Reading Pinyin リョク Reading On リキ Reading On リイ Reading On ちから Reading Kun じから Nanori つとむ Nanori ryeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
power Meaning strong Meaning strain Meaning bear up Meaning exert Meaning force Meaning fr fort Meaning fr puissance Meaning fr tension Meaning fr tenir le coup Meaning fr s'efforcer Meaning fr employer (force) Meaning fr potencia Meaning es poder Meaning es fuerza Meaning es energía Meaning es vigor Meaning es énfasis Meaning es força Meaning pt forte Meaning pt esforço Meaning pt suportar Meaning pt exercer Meaning pt

zi1 Reading Pinyin zi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On . Reading Kun しげ. Reading Kun ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
increase Meaning bear children Meaning

dan1 Reading Pinyin dan3 Reading Pinyin dan4 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On かつ. Reading Kun にな. Reading Kun dam Reading Korean Reading Korean
carry Meaning bear Meaning undertake Meaning

dang1 Reading Pinyin dang4 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On .たる Reading Kun .てる Reading Kun まさ. Reading Kun Nanori dang Reading Korean Reading Korean
bear Meaning accept Meaning undertake Meaning just Meaning

yu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun yeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
bear Meaning carry Meaning

nai4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ナイ Reading On ダイ Reading On いかん Reading Kun からなし Reading Kun nae Reading Korean
crab-apple tree Meaning endure Meaning bear Meaning

tui2 Reading Pinyin タイ Reading On ズイ Reading On ツイ Reading On chu Reading Korean
bear Meaning

ベアラ Reading
bearer Translation eng

ベアラサービス Reading
bearer service Translation eng

ベアリング Reading
bearing Translation eng Lager Translation ger

ベアリング Reading Baring Romaji

ベアルック Reading
bare look Translation eng

ベアルン Reading Bearn (France) Romaji

Character bear, accept, undertake; just Definition
DANG1 DANG4 Pinyin dong1 Jyutping TOU On ATARU ATERU ATE Kun TANG Korean
U+5679 U+7576 Traditional U+7576 Variant

Character bear, accept, undertake; just Definition
DANG1 DANG4 Pinyin dong1 dong3 Jyutping TOU On ATARU Kun Hangul TANG Korean *dɑng dɑ̀ng Tang đương Viet
U+5F53 Simplified

しのげる Reading
protective Translation eng bearable Translation eng schwierige Situation durchstehen können Translation ger vor etw. schützen können Translation ger

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