huo4 Reading Pinyin Reading On たから Reading Kun hwa Reading Korean Reading Korean
freight Meaning goods Meaning property Meaning fret Meaning fr biens Meaning fr dinero Meaning es moneda Meaning es bienes Meaning es artículos Meaning es frete Meaning pt bens Meaning pt propriedade Meaning pt

cai2 Reading Pinyin ザイ Reading On サイ Reading On ゾク Reading On たから Reading Kun jae Reading Korean Reading Korean
property Meaning money Meaning wealth Meaning assets Meaning propriété Meaning fr argent Meaning fr fortune Meaning fr actifs Meaning fr propiedad Meaning es dinero Meaning es riqueza Meaning es fortuna Meaning es activos Meaning es propriedade Meaning pt dinheiro Meaning pt riqueza Meaning pt bens Meaning pt

chan3 Reading Pinyin サン Reading On . Reading Kun .まれる Reading Kun うぶ- Reading Kun . Reading Kun もと Nanori san Reading Korean Reading Korean
products Meaning bear Meaning give birth Meaning yield Meaning childbirth Meaning native Meaning property Meaning production Meaning fr porter (fruits) Meaning fr donner naissance Meaning fr produire Meaning fr natal Meaning fr propriété Meaning fr producto Meaning es producir Meaning es propiedad Meaning es dar a luz Meaning es nacer Meaning es produtos Meaning pt dar a luz Meaning pt nascer Meaning pt dar crias Meaning pt nascimento Meaning pt nativo Meaning pt bens Meaning pt

zi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On すけ Nanori もと Nanori ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
assets Meaning resources Meaning capital Meaning funds Meaning data Meaning be conducive to Meaning contribute to Meaning capital (argent) Meaning fr fonds Meaning fr actifs Meaning fr ressources Meaning fr données Meaning fr favorable à Meaning fr contribuer à Meaning fr recurso Meaning es capital Meaning es naturaleza Meaning es posición social Meaning es bens Meaning pt recursos Meaning pt capital Meaning pt fundos Meaning pt dados Meaning pt se levado a Meaning pt contribuir para Meaning pt

pin3 Reading Pinyin ヒン Reading On ホン Reading On しな Reading Kun pum Reading Korean Reading Korean
goods Meaning refinement Meaning dignity Meaning article Meaning counter for meal courses Meaning marchandise Meaning fr dignité Meaning fr raffinement Meaning fr article Meaning fr compteur de plats Meaning fr producto Meaning es artículo Meaning es bienes Meaning es bens Meaning pt refinamento Meaning pt dignidade Meaning pt artigo Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para pratos de refeição Meaning pt

弁才 Word
べんさい Reading
eloquence Translation eng oratorical talent Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Beredsamkeit Translation ger Zungenfertigkeit Translation ger Eloquenz Translation ger

弁済 Word
べんさい Reading
settlement Translation eng payment Translation eng Rückzahlung Translation ger Tilgung Translation ger Begleichung Translation ger acquitement Translation fre remboursement Translation fre restitution Translation fre

勉斎 Word
べんさい Reading Bensai Romaji

弁崎 Word
べんさき Reading Bensaki Romaji

辨崎 Word
べんさき Reading Bensaki Romaji

勉作 Word
べんさく Reading Bensaku Romaji

ベンサム Reading Bentham Romaji

本色 Traditional 本色 Simplified
ben3 se4 Pinyin
inherent qualities English natural qualities English distinctive character English true qualities English

本色 Traditional 本色 Simplified
ben3 se4 Pinyin
eigentliche Wesenszüge, Roh- (u.E.) (Bio) Deutsch

本色的 Traditional 本色的 Simplified
ben3 se4 de5 Pinyin
beige (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

ベンセ沼 Word
べんせぬま Reading Bensenuma Romaji

ベンセル Reading Wensell Romaji

弁者 Word
べんしゃ Reading
speaker Translation eng orator Translation eng

本色 Traditional 本色 Simplified
ben3 shai3 Pinyin
natural color English

本身 Traditional 本身 Simplified
ben3 shen1 Pinyin
itself English in itself English per se English

本生 Traditional 本生 Simplified
ben3 sheng1 Pinyin
Bunsen (u.E.) Deutsch

本生燈 Traditional 本生灯 Simplified
ben3 sheng1 deng1 Pinyin
Bunsen burner English

弁士 Word
べんし Reading
lecturer Translation eng rhetorician Translation eng narrator in Japanese silent cinema Translation eng redegewandte Person Translation ger Redner Translation ger Sprecher Translation ger Erzähler Translation ger (bei einer Stummfilmvorführung) Translation ger

本事 Traditional 本事 Simplified
ben3 shi4 Pinyin
ability English skill English source material English original story English

本市 Traditional 本市 Simplified
ben3 shi4 Pinyin
this city English our city English

本事 Traditional 本事 Simplified
ben3 shi4 Pinyin
Fähigkeit, in der Lage sein (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

本市 Traditional 本市 Simplified
ben3 shi4 Pinyin
Kapitalmarkt (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

弁七 Word
べんしち Reading Benshichi Romaji

本世紀 Traditional 本世纪 Simplified
ben3 shi4 ji4 Pinyin
dieses Jahrhundert (S) Deutsch

便失禁 Word
べんしっきん Reading
anal leakage Translation eng (fecal) incontinence Translation eng

弁神論 Word
べんしんろん Reading
theodicy Translation eng
神義論 Crossref

弁償 Word
べんしょう Reading
reimbursement Translation eng compensation Translation eng reparation Translation eng indemnity Translation eng Entschädigung Translation ger Wiedergutmachung Translation ger Reparation Translation ger dédommagement Translation fre

弁証 Word
べんしょう Reading
demonstration Translation eng proof Translation eng (schriftspr.) Beweisführung Translation ger Erforschung durch abstrakte Analyse Translation ger

遍照 Word
べんしょう Reading Benshou Romaji

辨正 Word
べんしょう Reading Benshou Romaji

笨手笨腳 Traditional 笨手笨脚 Simplified
ben4 shou3 ben4 jiao3 Pinyin
clumsy English all thumbs English

弁証学 Word
べんしょうがく Reading
apologetics Translation eng {Theol.} Apologetik Translation ger

弁証法 Word
べんしょうほう Reading
dialectic Translation eng dialectics Translation eng {Philos.} Dialektik Translation ger

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