Traditional Simplified
kuang4 Pinyin
bestow English confer English

Traditional Simplified
lai4 Pinyin
bestow English confer English

Traditional Simplified
ci4 Pinyin
confer English bestow English grant English

Traditional Simplified
fu4 Pinyin
poetic essay English taxation English bestow on English endow with English

gei3 Reading Pinyin ji3 Reading Pinyin キュウ Reading On たま. Reading Kun たも. Reading Kun -たま. Reading Kun きい Nanori geub Reading Korean Reading Korean
salary Meaning wage Meaning gift Meaning allow Meaning grant Meaning bestow on Meaning salaire Meaning fr paye Meaning fr cadeau Meaning fr allocation Meaning fr subventions Meaning fr accorder Meaning fr conférer à Meaning fr sueldo Meaning es salario Meaning es distribuir Meaning es suministrar Meaning es salário Meaning pt pagamento Meaning pt presente Meaning pt permitir Meaning pt bolsa Meaning pt prover Meaning pt

yu3 Reading Pinyin yu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On あた.える Reading Kun あずか. Reading Kun くみ.する Reading Kun ともに Reading Kun とも Nanori Nanori yeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
bestow Meaning participate in Meaning give Meaning award Meaning impart Meaning provide Meaning cause Meaning gift Meaning godsend Meaning donner Meaning fr conférer Meaning fr participer à Meaning fr décerner Meaning fr fournir Meaning fr cause Meaning fr don Meaning fr don du ciel Meaning fr otorgar Meaning es conceder Meaning es proveer Meaning es unir fuerzas Meaning es conferir Meaning pt participar em Meaning pt prêmio Meaning pt dar Meaning pt fornecer Meaning pt causa Meaning pt presente Meaning pt dádiva Meaning pt

kuang4 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On コウ Reading On たま. Reading Kun hwang Reading Korean
give Meaning grant Meaning bestow Meaning surname Meaning

下賜 Word
かし Reading
grant Translation eng bestowal Translation eng giving something to someone of low social standing (by a person of very high social standing) Translation eng kaiserliche Schenkung Translation ger kaiserliche Verleihung Translation ger don Translation fre récompense impériale, seigneuriale Translation fre

付与 Word
ふよ Reading
grant Translation eng allowance Translation eng endowment Translation eng bestowal Translation eng assignment Translation eng conferment Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Verleihung Translation ger Erteilung Translation ger Bewilligung Translation ger Bekleidung Translation ger

拝領 Word
はいりょう Reading
receiving (from a superior) Translation eng bestowed Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger als Geschenk erhalten Translation ger (von einer hochrangigen Person) Translation ger

天賜 Traditional 天赐 Simplified
tian1 ci4 Pinyin
bestowed by heaven English

恩慈 Traditional 恩慈 Simplified
en1 ci2 Pinyin
bestowed kindness English

恵与 Word
けいよ Reading
presentation Translation eng giving Translation eng bestowing Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Geben Translation ger Schenken Translation ger Anvertrauen Translation ger

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