Character better than, small head, short face Definition
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Character better varieties of millet Definition
LIANG2 Pinyin loeng4 Jyutping RYOU On AWA Kun Hangul LYANG Korean liɑng Tang

ベター Reading
better Translation eng besser Translation ger

ベターハーフ Reading
better half Translation eng besser Hälfte Translation ger Ehefrau Translation ger (f) Translation ger Ehemann Translation ger

開運 Word
かいうん Reading
better fortune Translation eng Wendung zum Guten Translation ger Besserung des Schicksals Translation ger

寧ろ Word Word
むしろ Reading
rather Translation eng better Translation eng instead Translation eng vielmehr Translation ger oder besser Translation ger richtiger Translation ger lieber Translation ger (als) Translation ger besser Translation ger eher Translation ger assez Translation fre au lieu Translation fre meilleur Translation fre plutôt Translation fre

有利 Word 優利 Word
ゆうり Reading
advantageous Translation eng better Translation eng profitable Translation eng lucrative Translation eng Profit Translation ger Vorteil Translation ger avantageux Translation fre lucratif Translation fre profitable Translation fre полезный Translation rus выгодный Translation rus

増し Word
まし Reading マシ Reading
better Translation eng less objectionable Translation eng preferable Translation eng more Translation eng increase Translation eng extra Translation eng increase Translation eng growth Translation eng Zunahme Translation ger Zuwachs Translation ger Zusatz Translation ger Zuschlag Translation ger Extra... Translation ger Sonder... Translation ger Neben... Translation ger meilleur Translation fre préférable Translation fre supplémentaire Translation fre

未だしも Word
まだしも Reading
rather Translation eng better Translation eng lieber Translation ger eher Translation ger

より良い Word
よりよい Reading
superior Translation eng better Translation eng

格上 Word
かくうえ Reading
higher rank Translation eng better position Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
sheng4 Pinyin
victory English success English to beat English to defeat English to surpass English victorious English superior to English to get the better of English better than English surpassing English superb (of vista) English beautiful (scenery) English wonderful (view) English (arch. pronunciation shēng) able to bear English equal to (a task) English

勝似 Traditional 胜似 Simplified
sheng4 si4 Pinyin
to surpass English better than English superior to English

寧願 Traditional 宁愿 Simplified
ning4 yuan4 Pinyin
would rather English better English

Traditional Simplified
qiang2 Pinyin
strong English powerful English better English slightly more than English vigorous English violent English

Traditional Simplified
yu4 Pinyin
the more...(the more...) English to recover English to heal English better English

更好 Traditional 更好 Simplified
geng4 hao3 Pinyin
better English more English

Traditional Simplified
sai4 Pinyin
to compete English competition English match English to surpass English better than English superior to English to excel English

較高級 Traditional 较高级 Simplified
jiao4 gao1 ji2 Pinyin
better quality English comparatively higher level English

ru2 Reading Pinyin ジョ Reading On ニョ Reading On ごと. Reading Kun Nanori Nanori ゆき Nanori よし Nanori yeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
likeness Meaning like Meaning such as Meaning as if Meaning better Meaning best Meaning equal Meaning ressemblance Meaning fr comme Meaning fr comme si Meaning fr mieux Meaning fr meilleur Meaning fr égal Meaning fr similaire Meaning fr paraître Meaning fr análogo Meaning es parecido Meaning es tal como Meaning es igual a Meaning es obedecer Meaning es semelhança Meaning pt gostar Meaning pt tal como Meaning pt como se Meaning pt melhor Meaning pt igual Meaning pt

ベタートン Reading Betterton Romaji

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