Character between steps, window Definition

Character between the skin and the flesh Definition
COU4 Pinyin cau3 Jyutping SOU SU On KIME Kun Hangul CWU Korean

行間 Word
ぎょうかん Reading
line-spacing in text Translation eng between the lines Translation eng Zeilenabstand Translation ger entre les lignes Translation fre

相対 Word
あいたい Reading
confrontation Translation eng facing Translation eng between ourselves Translation eng no third party Translation eng tete-a-tete Translation eng Tête-à-tête<Ent.: T\&ecirc;te-à-t\&ecirc;te> Translation ger Direktheit Translation ger Unvermitteltheit Translation ger nur zwischen zwei Personen Translation ger ohne dritte Partei Translation ger

Word Word
うち Reading
inside Translation eng within Translation eng while Translation eng among Translation eng amongst Translation eng between Translation eng we (referring to one's in-group, i.e. company, etc.) Translation eng our Translation eng my spouse Translation eng imperial palace grounds Translation eng emperor Translation eng I (primarily used by women and children) Translation eng me Translation eng Innenseite Translation ger Inneres Translation ger innen Translation ger drinnen Translation ger eigenes Haus Translation ger Zuhause Translation ger während Translation ger solange Translation ger bevor Translation ger unter Translation ger dedans (spatial et temporel) Translation fre
家・うち Crossref

乃至 Word
ないし Reading
from ... to Translation eng between ... and Translation eng or Translation eng (schriftspr.) bis Translation ger zwischen Translation ger oder Translation ger ou Translation fre de...à Translation fre Translation fre

お八つ Word お八 Word 御八つ Word
おやつ Reading
between meal snack Translation eng mid-afternoon (around 3 o'clock) snack Translation eng afternoon refreshment Translation eng afternoon tea Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger Nachmittagskaffee Translation ger Vesper Translation ger Zwischenmahlzeit am Nachmittag Translation ger pique-nique de mi-journée Translation fre 4 heures (osanji !) Translation fre en-cas Translation fre goûté Translation fre
八つ時 Crossref

胯間 Word 股間 Word
こかん Reading
nether region Translation eng between the legs Translation eng {Anat.} (schriftspr.) Translation ger Leistengegend Translation ger

波間 Word
なみま Reading
on the waves Translation eng between the waves Translation eng Wellental Translation ger Bereich zwischen zwei Wellen Translation ger

峡間 Word
きょうかん Reading
between the mountains Translation eng Schlucht Translation ger Tal Translation ger

食間 Word
しょっかん Reading
between meals Translation eng Zeit zwischen den Mahlzeiten Translation ger

差しで Word
さしで Reading
face to face Translation eng between two persons Translation eng zu zweit Translation ger zwischen zwei Personen Translation ger von Angesicht zu Angesicht Translation ger

本の間 Word
ほんのあいだ Reading
between the pages Translation eng between two books Translation eng

架間 Word
かかん Reading
between equipment Translation eng

かん Reading
interval Translation eng period of time Translation eng among Translation eng between Translation eng inter- Translation eng

合間合間 Word
あいまあいま Reading
between times Translation eng when there's a spare moment Translation eng

夫婦間 Word
ふうふかん Reading
within a marriage Translation eng between husband and wife Translation eng conjugal Translation eng

目交い Word 眼間 Word
まなかい Reading
between one's eyes Translation eng before one's eyes Translation eng space where one's left and right eyesight meet Translation eng

この内 Word この中 Word
このうち Reading このなか Reading
among these Translation eng between these Translation eng of these Translation eng in here Translation eng in this Translation eng

個人間 Word
こじんかん Reading
interpersonal Translation eng between individuals Translation eng

差し Word
さし Reading
between (e.g. two people) Translation eng face to face Translation eng

女同士 Word 女どうし Word
おんなどうし Reading
female bonding Translation eng bosom buddies Translation eng between women Translation eng

男同士 Word 男どうし Word
おとこどうし Reading
male bonding Translation eng between men Translation eng

中間 Traditional 中间 Simplified
zhong1 jian1 Pinyin
between English intermediate English mid English middle English

之間 Traditional 之间 Simplified
zhi1 jian1 Pinyin
between English among English inter- English

Traditional Simplified
jie4 Pinyin
introduce English lie between English between English

介於 Traditional 介于 Simplified
jie4 yu2 Pinyin
between English intermediate English to lie between English

兩國之間 Traditional 两国之间 Simplified
liang3 guo2 zhi1 jian1 Pinyin
bilateral English between two countries English

Traditional Simplified
jia1 Pinyin
to press from either side English to place in between English to sandwich English to carry sth under armpit English wedged between English between English to intersperse English to mix English to mingle English clip English folder English

恆星際 Traditional 恒星际 Simplified
heng2 xing1 ji4 Pinyin
interstellar English between the fixed stars English

節間 Traditional 节间 Simplified
jie2 jian1 Pinyin
between joints English

行間 Traditional 行间 Simplified
hang2 jian1 Pinyin
between rows English

Traditional Simplified
ji4 Pinyin
border English edge English boundary English between English among English interval English while English

xie2 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On ショウ Reading On はさ. Reading Kun はさ.まる Reading Kun わきばさ. Reading Kun さしはさ. Reading Kun hyeob Reading Korean Reading Korean
pinch Meaning between Meaning pincer Meaning fr entre deux Meaning fr insertar Meaning es interponer Meaning es intercalar Meaning es meter entre Meaning es unir (dos extremos) Meaning es Um pouco Meaning pt entre Meaning pt

nei4 Reading Pinyin ナイ Reading On ダイ Reading On うち Reading Kun いと Nanori ただ Nanori Nanori のち Nanori nae Reading Korean nab Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
inside Meaning within Meaning between Meaning among Meaning house Meaning home Meaning intérieur Meaning fr dedans Meaning fr entre Meaning fr parmi Meaning fr maison Meaning fr interior Meaning es dentro de Meaning es privado Meaning es interior Meaning pt dentro Meaning pt entre Meaning pt dentre Meaning pt casa Meaning pt

cou4 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On Reading On きめ Reading Kun ju Reading Korean
between the skin and the flesh Meaning

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