Character bitterly cold, cold wind; the north wind Definition
BI4 BIE2 Pinyin bit1 Jyutping

Character to close; to stop up; to obstruct Definition
BI4 MI4 Pinyin baai3 dai1 Jyutping

Character to mate; to pair Definition
BI4 Pinyin bei6 Jyutping

Character (same as ) an embryo; a foetus a month old Definition
BI3 Pinyin pui1 Jyutping

Character ripped; split Definition
BI3 Pinyin baat6 bei2 bok3 Jyutping

Character ragged clothing, ragged; old and wear out Definition
BI4 Pinyin bai6 Jyutping

Character curtain for carriage Definition
BI4 PI2 Pinyin bei1 Jyutping

Character to finish; concluded Definition
BI4 Pinyin baat1 but6 Jyutping

㮿 Character a tree Definition
BI4 Pinyin bit1 bit6 Jyutping

Character to exhaust; extreme; highest; farthest, to die Definition
BI4 BIE2 Pinyin bik1 Jyutping

Character to split tangled hemp Definition
BI4 Pinyin bei3 maa6 maat6 Jyutping

Character bad; poor quality of rice Definition
MI4 Pinyin bei3 bui6 pui3 Jyutping

Character (same as ) a fart; to break wind Definition
BI4 Pinyin baai3 pei3 Jyutping

Character meat, rough; cracked skin Definition
BI3 Pinyin bei2 Jyutping

Character name of a variety of grass Definition
BI4 PEI4 Pinyin

Character a kind of bee; black bee Definition
BI4 PI4 Pinyin bit1 Jyutping

Character the sleeve Definition
BI3 Pinyin bei2 Jyutping

BI4 Pinyin bit1 Jyutping

Character mountains collapsing; a land-slide Definition
BI4 Pinyin

Character the first son; a dog's first pup Definition
BI4 Pinyin bei6 Jyutping

Character breeze; light wind, cold or flu Definition
BI4 Pinyin bik1 Jyutping

Character the roaring of the wind, cold wind Definition
BI4 YU4 Pinyin bit1 Jyutping

Character a kind of animal Definition
bik1 Jyutping

BI3 Pinyin PHI Korean Viet

BI4 Pinyin bit1 Jyutping HITSU BICHI On TADASHII NARABU Kun Hangul PHIL Korean

Character so that, in order that; cause Definition
BI3 Pinyin bei2 Jyutping HI HEI On SHIMU Kun Hangul PI Korean byɛ̌ Tang

Character compel, pressure, force; bother Definition
BI1 Pinyin bik1 Jyutping HIYOKU HIKI HUKU On SEMARU MUKABAKI Kun Hangul PHIP Korean bức Viet

Character prepare, ready, perfect Definition
BEI4 Pinyin bei6 Jyutping BI On SONAERU SONAWARU SONAE Kun Hangul PI Korean *bhyì Tang bị Viet
U+5907 Simplified

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