qiao1 Reading Pinyin zao3 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On . Reading Kun くり Nanori jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
winding Meaning reel Meaning spin Meaning turn (pages) Meaning look up Meaning refer to Meaning embobiner Meaning fr bobine Meaning fr faire tourner Meaning fr tourner (pages) Meaning fr feuilleter Meaning fr parler de Meaning fr devanar Meaning es ovillar Meaning es pasar páginas Meaning es curva Meaning pt bobina Meaning pt giro Meaning pt virar (páginas) Meaning pt melhorar Meaning pt referis-se a Meaning pt

わく Reading Kun
frame Meaning framework Meaning spindle Meaning spool Meaning bounding-box Meaning (kokuji) Meaning cadre Meaning fr structure Meaning fr bobine Meaning fr bounding box (graph.) Meaning fr (kokuji) Meaning fr marco Meaning es armazón Meaning es rango Meaning es alcance Meaning es moldura Meaning pt estrutura Meaning pt carretel Meaning pt cilindro Meaning pt

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