Character bones in a horn of cattle and goat Definition
soi1 Jyutping

Character bones of a thin horse Definition
LU4 Pinyin leot6 Jyutping luət Tang

骨子 Word
こっし Reading
bones Translation eng marrow Translation eng essentials Translation eng Hauptinhalt Translation ger Wesentliche Translation ger Kern Translation ger Kernpunkt Translation ger Angelpunkt Translation ger Kardinalpunkt Translation ger Quintessenz Translation ger Gedankengerüst Translation ger cœur Translation fre essentiel Translation fre point important Translation fre

舎利 Word
しゃり Reading さり Reading
bones left after cremation (esp. those of a Buddha or Boddhisatva) Translation eng grain of rice Translation eng cooked rice Translation eng {Buddh.} Gebeine eines Buddha oder eines Heiligen Translation ger Reis Translation ger

足骨 Word
そっこつ Reading あしぼね Reading
bones of the feet Translation eng the strength of one's feet Translation eng

手骨 Word
しゅこつ Reading
bones of the hand Translation eng

白骨 Traditional 白骨 Simplified
bai2 gu3 Pinyin
bones of the dead English

Traditional Simplified
zi4 Pinyin
rotten meat English bones of dead animal English

Traditional Simplified
jiao1 Pinyin
bones of leg English wrestle English

Traditional Simplified
nie4 Pinyin
bones of the temple (on the human head) English see 顳顬|颞颥, temple English

骨燼 Traditional 骨烬 Simplified
gu3 jin4 Pinyin
bones and ashes English remains (after Buddhist cremation) English

骨骼 Traditional 骨骼 Simplified
gu3 ge2 Pinyin
bones English skeleton English

Traditional Simplified
hai2 Pinyin
bones of the body English

tou2 Reading Pinyin shai3 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On さい Reading Kun tu Reading Korean Reading Korean
dice Meaning bones Meaning

zi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On セキ Reading On ジャク Reading On
rotten meat Meaning bones of dead animals Meaning

接骨医 Word
せっこつい Reading
osteopath Translation eng bonesetter Translation eng {Med.} Knocheneinrichter Translation ger Einrenker Translation ger
柔道整復師 Crossref

接骨院 Word
せっこついん Reading
bonesetter's clinic Translation eng orthopedic clinic Translation eng
整骨院 Crossref

整骨院 Word
せいこついん Reading
bonesetter's clinic Translation eng orthopedic clinic Translation eng
接骨院 Crossref

骨接ぎ Word
ほねつぎ Reading
bonesetting Translation eng Einrichten Translation ger Einrenken Translation ger (von Knochen) Translation ger Knocheneinrichter Translation ger

整骨 Word
せいこつ Reading
bonesetting Translation eng {Med.} Einrichten von Knochen Translation ger
接骨 Crossref

接骨 Word
せっこつ Reading
bonesetting Translation eng {Med.} Knocheneinrichten Translation ger
整骨 Crossref

ボーンステル Reading Bonestell Romaji

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