ふところ Reading
bosom Translation eng bust Translation eng (breast) pocket Translation eng purse Translation eng handbag Translation eng Busen Translation ger Brust Translation ger Tasche Translation ger Beutel Translation ger Geldbeutel Translation ger Tiefe Translation ger Geist Translation ger Denken Translation ger bourse Translation fre poche de poitrine Translation fre poitrine Translation fre sein Translation fre

財布 Word
さいふ Reading
purse Translation eng handbag Translation eng wallet Translation eng Portemonnaie Translation ger Geldbeutel Translation ger Geldbörse Translation ger bourse Translation fre porte-monnaie Translation fre portefeuille Translation fre кошелёк Translation rus

奨学金 Word
しょうがくきん Reading
scholarship Translation eng stipend Translation eng bursary Translation eng student loan Translation eng Stipendium Translation ger bourse d'étude Translation fre

証券取引所 Word
しょうけんとりひきじょ Reading
securities exchange Translation eng stock exchange Translation eng bourse Translation eng Börse Translation ger Börsengebäude Translation ger

huai2 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On Reading On ふところ Reading Kun なつ.かしい Reading Kun なつ.かしむ Reading Kun なつ. Reading Kun なつ.ける Reading Kun なず.ける Reading Kun いだ. Reading Kun おも. Reading Kun かね Nanori hoe Reading Korean Reading Korean
pocket Meaning feelings Meaning heart Meaning yearn Meaning miss someone Meaning become attached to Meaning bosom Meaning breast Meaning poche Meaning fr bourse Meaning fr sentiments Meaning fr coeur Meaning fr apprivoiser Meaning fr nostalgie Meaning fr aspirer à Meaning fr s'attacher à Meaning fr manquer (personne) Meaning fr seins Meaning fr añoranza Meaning es nostalgia Meaning es bolsillo propio Meaning es añorar Meaning es echar de menos Meaning es pensar Meaning es bolso Meaning pt sentimentos Meaning pt coração Meaning pt saudades Meaning pt sentir saudades Meaning pt torna-se ligado a Meaning pt seio Meaning pt peitos Meaning pt

si4 Reading Pinyin ci4 Reading Pinyin Reading On たまわ. Reading Kun たま. Reading Kun たも. Reading Kun sa Reading Korean Reading Korean
grant Meaning gift Meaning boon Meaning results Meaning gratifier Meaning fr bourse (subvention) Meaning fr cadeau Meaning fr faveur Meaning fr résultats Meaning fr otorgar Meaning es conceder Meaning es concessão Meaning pt presente Meaning pt vantagem Meaning pt resultados Meaning pt

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