Character brass Definition
TOU1 Pinyin CHUU TOU On Hangul YU Korean thau Viet

ブラス Reading
brass Translation eng Messing Translation ger {Musikinstr.} Blech Translation ger Blechblasinstrument Translation ger {Mus.} Blechbläser Translation ger Blaskapelle. Translation ger

ブラスバンド Reading
brass band Translation eng {Mus.} Blaskapelle Translation ger Blechbläsergruppe Translation ger

金管 Word
きんかん Reading
brass (musical) instrument Translation eng {Musikinstr.} Blechblasinstrument Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger

真鍮 Word
しんちゅう Reading
brass Translation eng Messing Translation ger

吹奏楽団 Word
すいそうがくだん Reading
wind instrument orchestra Translation eng wind band Translation eng brass band Translation eng Blaskapelle Translation ger

黄銅 Word
おうどう Reading こうどう Reading
brass Translation eng Messing Translation ger

金ボタン Word
きんボタン Reading
brass button Translation eng golden button Translation eng

メリケンサック Reading
knuckle dusters Translation eng brass knuckles Translation eng
米利堅 Crossref

ブラスロック Reading
brass rock Translation eng

ブラス Reading Brass Romaji Blass Romaji

軍樂隊 Traditional 军乐队 Simplified
jun1 yue4 dui4 Pinyin
brass band English

銅管 Traditional 铜管 Simplified
tong2 guan3 Pinyin
brass instrument (music) English

銅管樂器 Traditional 铜管乐器 Simplified
tong2 guan3 yue4 qi4 Pinyin
brass instruments English

Traditional Simplified
yu4 Pinyin
a poker English brass filings English to file English

shi2 Reading Pinyin セキ Reading On ジャク Reading On seog Reading Korean Reading Korean
brass Meaning

zhen1 Reading Pinyin チュウ Reading On トウ Reading On yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
brass Meaning

平泳ぎ Word
ひらおよぎ Reading
breaststroke (swimming) Translation eng {Schwimmen} Brustschwimmen Translation ger brasse (nage) Translation fre

鯉科魚 Traditional 鲤科鱼 Simplified
li3 ke1 yu2 Pinyin
Blei (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Brasse (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

銅盆魚類 Traditional 铜盆鱼类 Simplified
tong2 pen2 yu2 lei4 Pinyin
Blei (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Brasse (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

xun2 Reading Pinyin xin2 Reading Pinyin ジン Reading On たず.ねる Reading Kun ひろ Reading Kun Nanori つぐ Nanori sim Reading Korean Reading Korean
inquire Meaning fathom Meaning look for Meaning demander Meaning fr interroger Meaning fr rechercher Meaning fr brasse Meaning fr pedir Meaning es preguntar Meaning es desentrañar Meaning es buscar Meaning es indagar Meaning pt aprofundar Meaning pt procurar Meaning pt

ce4 Reading Pinyin ソク Reading On はか. Reading Kun cheug Reading Korean Reading Korean
fathom Meaning plan Meaning scheme Meaning measure Meaning brasse Meaning fr mesurer Meaning fr sonder Meaning fr plan Meaning fr medida Meaning es medir Meaning es sondear Meaning es estimar Meaning es braça Meaning pt plano Meaning pt esquema Meaning pt medida Meaning pt

ブラッセル Reading Brasselle Romaji

ブラッサンス Reading Brassens Romaji

混ぜる Word 交ぜる Word 雑ぜる Word
まぜる Reading
to mix Translation eng to stir Translation eng to blend Translation eng mischen Translation ger vermischen Translation ger vermengen Translation ger beimischen Translation ger vermengen Translation ger panschen Translation ger verschneiden Translation ger brasser Translation fre mélanger Translation fre remuer Translation fre сме́шивать Translation rus

醸成 Word
じょうせい Reading
brew Translation eng foment Translation eng breed Translation eng Brauen Translation ger (Sake, Soja-Soße) Translation ger Verursachen Translation ger brasser Translation fre causer Translation fre faire naître Translation fre fomenter Translation fre occasionner Translation fre

niang4 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On かも. Reading Kun yang Reading Korean Reading Korean
brew Meaning cause Meaning brasser Meaning fr causer Meaning fr elaborar Meaning es preparar Meaning es elaborar cerveza Meaning es fermentar Meaning pt causa Meaning pt

ブラスリー Reading
brasserie Translation eng Brasserie Translation ger Restaurant mit Bierausschank Translation ger (aus d. Franz.) Translation ger Source Language fre

醸造所 Word
じょうぞうしょ Reading じょうぞうじょ Reading
brewery Translation eng distillery Translation eng Brauerei Translation ger Destille Translation ger Brennerei Translation ger brasserie Translation fre

ブラッスール Reading Brasseur Romaji

ブラッシー Reading
brassie (type of golf club) Translation eng brassy Translation eng brassey Translation eng brushy Translation eng {Golf} Brassie Translation ger

菜の花 Word
なのはな Reading
rape blossoms Translation eng Brassica rapa var. amplexicaulu Translation eng {Bot.} Rapsblüte Translation ger

大白菜 Traditional 大白菜 Simplified
da4 bai2 cai4 Pinyin
bok choy English Chinese cabbage English Brassica pekinensis English

小白菜 Traditional 小白菜 Simplified
xiao3 bai2 cai4 Pinyin
bak choy English Brassica chinensis English

紫菜苔 Traditional 紫菜苔 Simplified
zi3 cai4 tai2 Pinyin
purple cabbage English Brassica campestris var. purpurea English

芸薹属 Traditional 芸薹属 Simplified
yun2 tai2 shu3 Pinyin
Brassica (cabbage genus) English

Traditional Simplified
pie3 Pinyin
Brassica campestris subsp. rapa English

苤藍 Traditional 苤蓝 Simplified
pie3 lan5 Pinyin
Brassica oleracea English kohlrabi English

Traditional Simplified
song1 Pinyin
(cabbage) English Brassica chinensis English

Traditional Simplified
man2 Pinyin
turnip English Brassica campestris English

蕓薹 Traditional 芸苔 Simplified
yun2 tai2 Pinyin
Brassica (cabbage family) English

ブラジャー Reading
bra Translation eng brassiere Translation eng {Kleidung} BH Translation ger Büstenhalter Translation ger

奶罩 Traditional 奶罩 Simplified
nai3 zhao4 Pinyin
bra English brassière English

Traditional Simplified
mo4 Pinyin
girdle English brassiere English to plaster English

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