きわ Reading
edge Translation eng brink Translation eng verge Translation eng side Translation eng Rand Translation ger Kante Translation ger Seite Translation ger bas-côté Translation fre bord Translation fre côté Translation fre

瀬戸際 Word
せとぎわ Reading
brink Translation eng critical moment Translation eng kritischer Moment Translation ger entscheidender Moment Translation ger le moment critique (fatidique) Translation fre

余喘 Word
よぜん Reading
lingering life Translation eng feeble existence Translation eng brink of ruin Translation eng letzten Atemzüge Translation ger naher Untergang Translation ger

外縁 Word
がいえん Reading
brink Translation eng outer edge Translation eng mütterliche Verwandte Translation ger äußerer Rand Translation ger Umrandung Translation ger

Traditional Simplified
mei2 Pinyin
brink English edge English

邊緣 Traditional 边缘 Simplified
bian1 yuan2 Pinyin
edge English fringe English verge English brink English periphery English marginal English borderline English

yuan2 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On -ネン Reading On ふち Reading Kun ふちど. Reading Kun ゆかり Reading Kun よすが Reading Kun へり Reading Kun えにし Reading Kun yeon Reading Korean dan Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
affinity Meaning relation Meaning connection Meaning edge Meaning border Meaning verge Meaning brink Meaning affinité Meaning fr relation Meaning fr karma Meaning fr rapport Meaning fr bord Meaning fr bordure Meaning fr afinidad Meaning es relación Meaning es conexión Meaning es borde Meaning es frontera Meaning es margen Meaning es afinidade Meaning pt relação Meaning pt conexão Meaning pt margem Meaning pt borda Meaning pt limite Meaning pt extremidade Meaning pt

bin1 Reading Pinyin pin2 Reading Pinyin ヒン Reading On ほとり Reading Kun bin Reading Korean Reading Korean
shore Meaning brink Meaning verge Meaning

bin1 Reading Pinyin ヒン Reading On はま Reading Kun
bank Meaning brink Meaning shore Meaning beach Meaning

ブリンクリー Reading Brinkley Romaji

ブリンクリイ Reading Brinkley Romaji

ブリンクマン Reading Brinkmann Romaji

必死 Word
ひっし Reading
frantic Translation eng desperate Translation eng inevitable death Translation eng brinkmate (inevitable checkmate) (shogi) Translation eng sicherer Tod Translation ger Verzweiflung Translation ger desespoir Translation fre frénétique Translation fre mort certaine Translation fre sort inéluctable Translation fre
必至 Crossref

必至 Word
ひっし Reading
inevitable Translation eng necessary Translation eng foregone Translation eng brinkmate (inevitable checkmate) (shogi) Translation eng
必死 Crossref

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