Character burst Definition
PU1 Pinyin pok3 Jyutping BOKU On

Character burst forth; rise; vigorous Definition
BO2 Pinyin but6 Jyutping HOTSU BOCHI BOTSU On OKORU Kun Hangul PAL Korean bọt Viet

バースト Reading
burst Translation eng Platzen Translation ger {EDV} Burst. Translation ger

一荒れ Word
ひとあれ Reading
squall Translation eng burst of anger Translation eng ein zeitweiliger Sturm Translation ger zeitweilig schlechte Stimmung Translation ger

大笑い Word
おおわらい Reading
great laughter Translation eng burst of laughter Translation eng großes Gelächter Translation ger éclats de rire Translation fre explosion de rire Translation fre

へき Reading
break Translation eng tear Translation eng pierce Translation eng split Translation eng burst Translation eng

内発 Word
ないはつ Reading
burst of energy from within Translation eng Entwicklung von innen Translation ger

ばく Reading
exclamation Translation eng burst of laughter Translation eng

バーストサイズ Reading
burst size Translation eng

バーストデータ Reading
burst data Translation eng

バーストトラヒック Reading
burst traffic Translation eng bursty traffic Translation eng

バーストページ Reading
burst page Translation eng

バーストモード Reading
burst mode Translation eng

バースト長 Word
バーストちょう Reading
burst length Translation eng

崩壞 Traditional 崩坏 Simplified
beng1 huai4 Pinyin
crash English breakdown (of social values etc) English burst English to crumble English to collapse English

決口 Traditional 决口 Simplified
jue2 kou3 Pinyin
be breached English burst English

爆胎 Traditional 爆胎 Simplified
bao4 tai1 Pinyin
flat tire English burst tire English blowout English

爆裂 Traditional 爆裂 Simplified
bao4 lie4 Pinyin
burst English crack English

破裂 Traditional 破裂 Simplified
po4 lie4 Pinyin
burst English fracture English

衝進 Traditional 冲进 Simplified
chong1 jin4 Pinyin
break in English burst in English force into English

Traditional Simplified
zhen4 Pinyin
disposition of troops English wave English spate English burst English spell English short period of time English classifier for events or states of short duration English

bao4 Reading Pinyin バク Reading On .ぜる Reading Kun pog Reading Korean bag Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
bomb Meaning burst open Meaning pop Meaning split Meaning bombe Meaning fr faire éclater Meaning fr exploser Meaning fr craquer Meaning fr estallar Meaning es reventar Meaning es explotar Meaning es bomba Meaning pt explodir Meaning pt estouro Meaning pt fender Meaning pt

bo2 Reading Pinyin ホツ Reading On ボチ Reading On おこ. Reading Kun bal Reading Korean
burst forth Meaning rise Meaning vigorous Meaning

刷毛 Word
はけ Reading
paint brush Translation eng Bürste Translation ger

刷子 Word
さっし Reading はけ Reading
brush Translation eng commutator brush Translation eng Bürste Translation ger

ブラシ Reading
brush Translation eng brushy Translation eng Bürste Translation ger (auch Elektrot.) Translation ger Spritzpistole Translation ger Airbrush Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger . Translation ger brosse Translation fre

毛刷 Traditional 毛刷 Simplified
mao2 shua4 Pinyin
Bürste (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

刷子 Traditional 刷子 Simplified
shua1 zi5 Pinyin
ausgewaschen, auswaschen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch Bürste (u.E.) Deutsch

炭精刷 Traditional 炭精刷 Simplified
tan4 jing1 shua1 Pinyin
Bürste (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

銅刷 Traditional 铜刷 Simplified
tong2 shua1 Pinyin
Bürste (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

バースタイン Reading Burstein Romaji

擦る Word
こする Reading
to rub Translation eng to scrub Translation eng reiben Translation ger bürsten Translation ger schrubben Translation ger scheueren Translation ger bohnern Translation ger frottieren Translation ger frotter Translation fre gratter Translation fre

磨く Word 研く Word
みがく Reading
to polish Translation eng to shine Translation eng to brush (e.g. teeth) Translation eng to refine Translation eng to improve Translation eng polieren Translation ger glätten Translation ger putzen Translation ger schleifen Translation ger bürsten Translation ger verbessern Translation ger entwickeln Translation ger üben Translation ger trainiren Translation ger astiquer Translation fre brosser Translation fre cirer Translation fre faire briller Translation fre limer Translation fre polir Translation fre vernir Translation fre чи́стить Translation rus

解かす Word 梳かす Word 融かす Word
とかす Reading
to comb out Translation eng to melt Translation eng kämmen Translation ger bürsten Translation ger faire fondre Translation fre démêler (les cheveux) Translation fre

摩する Word
まする Reading
to rub Translation eng to scrub Translation eng to draw near Translation eng to press Translation eng (schriftspr.) reiben Translation ger bursten Translation ger schrubben Translation ger scheueren Translation ger sich nahern Translation ger beruhren Translation ger grenzen an ... Translation ger

梳理 Traditional 梳理 Simplified
shu1 li3 Pinyin
bürsten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch kämmen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch ordnen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

Traditional Simplified
shua1 Pinyin
Pinsel, Bürste (u.E.) (S) Deutsch bürsten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

刷去 Traditional 刷去 Simplified
shua1 qu4 Pinyin
bürsten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

五分刈り Word
ごぶがり Reading
close haircut Translation eng Bürstenhaarschnitt Translation ger (ca. 1,5cm) Translation ger

刷架 Traditional 刷架 Simplified
shua4 jia4 Pinyin
Bürstenhalter (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

刷頭 Traditional 刷头 Simplified
shua4 tou2 Pinyin
Bürstenkopf (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

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