Character to look at, to examine; to observe; to survey Definition
QI4 Pinyin cai3 Jyutping

Character varicolored silk; motley Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping
U+7DB5 Traditional

Character to hear; to listen, a keen sense of hearing Definition
QI4 Pinyin cai3 Jyutping

Character big belly, swollen of the belly Definition
CAI3 CAI4 Pinyin co1 Jyutping

Character name of a place Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 coi2 Jyutping

Character salt, soybean sauce; soy Definition
BU4 CHUAI4 Pinyin cai3 zyut3 Jyutping

CAI3 Pinyin

Character to hinder; to detain Definition
CHI4 Pinyin cai3 Jyutping TEI TAI On TOMARU TODOMARU Kun CEY Korean

Character cut, mince, slice, carve Definition
QIE1 QIE4 QI4 Pinyin cai3 cit3 Jyutping SETSU SAI On KIRU KIRE KIRI Kun Hangul CEL CHEY Korean tset Tang thiết Viet
U+FA00 Variant

CAI3 Pinyin SAI On UNEME Kun

Character hue, color; variegated colors Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping SAI On IRODORU IRODORI TSUYA Kun Hangul CHAY Korean *tsə̌i Tang thái Viet

Character gather, collect; pick, select Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping SAI On TORU Kun Hangul CHAY Korean *tsə̌i Tang thái Viet
U+91C7 Simplified

Character (Cant.) to hit Definition
DI4 Pinyin cai3 Jyutping


Character notice; pay attention to Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping SAI On CHAY Korean

Character to build, pile up; stone steps, brick walk Definition
QI4 QIE4 Pinyin cai3 Jyutping SEI SAI On MIGIRI Kun Hangul CHEY Korean tsèi Tang

Character varicolored silk; variegated Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping SAI On AYAGINU Kun Hangul CHAY Korean *tsə̌i Tang
U+433D Simplified

Character step on, tread on; search for Definition
CAI3 Pinyin coi2 Jyutping SAI On OU Kun

Character step on Definition
CAI3 KUI2 Pinyin caai2 coi2 Jyutping CHAY Korean

Character collect, gather; pick, pluck Definition
CAI3 CAI4 Pinyin coi2 coi3 Jyutping SAI On TORU Kun Hangul CHAY Korean *tsə̌i Tang
U+57F0 U+63A1 Traditional U+91C6 Variant

𠯦 Character (Cant.) to eat, take a meal Definition
cai3 Jyutping thét Viet

Traditional Simplified
cai3 Pinyin
(bright) color English variety English applause English applaud English (lottery) prize English

彩帶 Traditional 彩带 Simplified
cai3 dai4 Pinyin
colored ribbon English streamer English

彩彈 Traditional 彩弹 Simplified
cai3 dan4 Pinyin
paintball English

彩排 Traditional 彩排 Simplified
cai3 pai2 Pinyin
dress rehearsal English

彩擴 Traditional 彩扩 Simplified
cai3 kuo4 Pinyin
to enlarge color photos English color film processing English

彩旗 Traditional 彩旗 Simplified
cai3 qi2 Pinyin
colored flag English

彩畫 Traditional 彩画 Simplified
cai3 hua4 Pinyin
color painting English

彩票 Traditional 彩票 Simplified
cai3 piao4 Pinyin
the lottery English lottery ticket English

彩繪 Traditional 彩绘 Simplified
cai3 hui4 Pinyin
painted English colored painted-on designs English

彩色 Traditional 彩色 Simplified
cai3 se4 Pinyin
color English multi-colored English

彩虹 Traditional 彩虹 Simplified
cai3 hong2 Pinyin
rainbow English

彩蚌 Traditional 彩蚌 Simplified
cai3 bang4 Pinyin
painted shell English painting on shell English

彩蛋 Traditional 彩蛋 Simplified
cai3 dan4 Pinyin
Easter egg English colored egg English painted eggshell English

彩衣 Traditional 彩衣 Simplified
cai3 yi1 Pinyin
coloured clothes English motley attire English

彩車 Traditional 彩车 Simplified
cai3 che1 Pinyin
float (in a parade) English

彩鈴 Traditional 彩铃 Simplified
cai3 ling2 Pinyin
caller ring-back tone (CRBT) English ring-back tone (RBT) English

彩雲 Traditional 彩云 Simplified
cai3 yun2 Pinyin
rosy clouds English

彩電 Traditional 彩电 Simplified
cai3 dian4 Pinyin
color TV English

彩電視 Traditional 彩电视 Simplified
cai3 dian4 shi4 Pinyin
color TV English

Traditional Simplified
cai3 Pinyin
to pick English to pluck English to collect English to select English to choose English to gather English

採伐 Traditional 采伐 Simplified
cai3 fa2 Pinyin
fell English cut English

採光 Traditional 采光 Simplified
cai3 guang1 Pinyin
lighting English day lighting English

採出 Traditional 采出 Simplified
cai3 chu1 Pinyin
to extract English to mine English

採制 Traditional 采制 Simplified
cai3 zhi4 Pinyin
collect and process English

採取措施 Traditional 采取措施 Simplified
cai3 qu3 cuo4 shi1 Pinyin
to adopt measures English to take steps English

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