ci4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun .さる Reading Kun . Reading Kun さし Reading Kun とげ Reading Kun ja Reading Korean cheog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
thorn Meaning pierce Meaning stab Meaning prick Meaning sting Meaning calling card Meaning piquer Meaning fr coudre Meaning fr enfoncer Meaning fr percer Meaning fr tailler Meaning fr épine Meaning fr carte de visite Meaning fr espina Meaning es punzar Meaning es pinchar Meaning es apuñalar Meaning es tarjeta de visita Meaning es espinho Meaning pt furar Meaning pt esfaquear Meaning pt picar Meaning pt picar cartão Meaning pt

tu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On Reading Kun はか. Reading Kun Nanori do Reading Korean Reading Korean
map Meaning drawing Meaning plan Meaning unexpected Meaning accidentally Meaning carte Meaning fr dessin Meaning fr plan Meaning fr inattendu Meaning fr accidentellement Meaning fr dibujo Meaning es ilustración Meaning es consulta Meaning es estrategia Meaning es planear Meaning es diseñar Meaning es mapa Meaning pt desenho Meaning pt plano Meaning pt inesperado Meaning pt acidentalmente Meaning pt

カルテル Reading
cartel Translation eng Kartell Translation ger (<Herk.: aus d. Dtsch.> ) Translation ger Kartell Source Language ger картель Translation rus

企業連合 Word
きぎょうれんごう Reading
cartel Translation eng syndicate Translation eng Kartell Translation ger

カータレット Reading Cartelet Romaji

カーター Reading Carter Romaji Karter Romaji

カータレト Reading Carteret Romaji

カルテリ Reading Carteri Romaji

トランプ Reading
playing cards (from trump) Translation eng Spielkarte Translation ger cartes à jouer (lit trump = atout) Translation fre

カーセッジ Reading Carthage Romaji

迦太基 Traditional 迦太基 Simplified
Jia1 tai4 ji1 Pinyin
Carthage English

紅花 Word
べにばな Reading こうか Reading
safflower Translation eng dyer's safflower Translation eng Carthamus tinctorius Translation eng {Bot.} Färbersaflor Translation ger Färberdistel Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Carthamus tinctorius>) Translation ger

馬車馬 Word
ばしゃうま Reading
cart-horse Translation eng work-horse Translation eng Kutschpferd Translation ger Wagenpferd Translation ger

カーシ Reading Carthy Romaji

カルティエ Reading
Cartier Translation eng {Firmenn.} Cartier Translation ger

カルティエ Reading Carretier Romaji Cartier Romaji

卡地亞 Traditional 卡地亚 Simplified
ka3 de5 ya4 Pinyin
Cartier (u.E.) Deutsch

軟骨 Word
なんこつ Reading
cartilage Translation eng {Anat.} Knorpel Translation ger cartilage Translation fre хрящ Translation rus

軟骨組織 Word
なんこつそしき Reading
cartilage tissue Translation eng {Anat.} Knorpelgewebe Translation ger

軟骨 Traditional 软骨 Simplified
ruan3 gu3 Pinyin
cartilage English

カートランド Reading Cartland Romaji

カートリッジ Reading Cartledge Romaji Cartlidge Romaji

車力 Word
しゃりき Reading
cartman Translation eng Fuhrmann Translation ger Fuhrknecht Translation ger Wagenzieher Translation ger

カートメル Reading Cartmell Romaji

製図家 Word
せいずか Reading
cartographer Translation eng Zeichner Translation ger Kartograph Translation ger

制圖 Traditional 制图 Simplified
zhi4 tu2 Pinyin
cartographic English graphics English

製図 Word
せいず Reading
draughtsmanship Translation eng draftsmanship Translation eng drawing Translation eng sketching Translation eng mapmaking Translation eng cartography Translation eng Zeichnung Translation ger Zeichnen Translation ger Kartographie Translation ger dessin Translation fre plan Translation fre

地図作成 Word
ちずさくせい Reading
cartography Translation eng

アディオス Reading
good-bye Translation eng carton Translation eng adiós! Translation ger adios Source Language spa

厚紙 Word
あつがみ Reading
cardboard Translation eng thick paper Translation eng Pappe Translation ger dickes Papier Translation ger Hartpappe Translation ger bristol Translation fre carton Translation fre

カートン Reading カルトン Reading
carton (e.g. of cigarettes) Translation eng tray (in which money is placed when paying) Translation eng dish Translation eng pasteboard Translation eng carton Source Language fre

ボール箱 Word
ボールばこ Reading
cardboard box Translation eng carton Translation eng

カルトン Reading Carton Romaji

利樂包 Traditional 利乐包 Simplified
li4 le4 bao1 Pinyin
carton (e.g. for milk or juice) English Tetra Pak English

紙箱 Traditional 纸箱 Simplified
zhi3 xiang1 Pinyin
carton English cardboard box English

カートゥーン Reading カルツーン Reading
cartoon Translation eng Cartoon Translation ger Karikatur Translation ger

コミックス Reading
comics Translation eng Comic Translation ger Cartoon Translation ger комикс Translation rus

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