カテゴリー Reading カテゴリ Reading
category Translation eng Kategorie Translation ger (<Herk.: aus d. Dtsch.> ) Translation ger Kategorie Source Language ger категория Translation rus

けん Reading
sphere Translation eng circle Translation eng range Translation eng category (only in the context of "category theory") Translation eng Kreis Translation ger Bereich Translation ger Sphäre Translation ger sphère Translation fre

種類 Word
しゅるい Reading
variety Translation eng kind Translation eng type Translation eng category Translation eng counter for different sorts of things Translation eng Art Translation ger Sorte Translation ger Gattung Translation ger catégorie Translation fre compteur pour différentes choses Translation fre diversité Translation fre genre Translation fre sorte Translation fre type Translation fre variété Translation fre вид Translation rus сорт Translation rus род Translation rus

範疇 Word 範ちゅう Word
はんちゅう Reading
category Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Kategorie Translation ger

department (in an organization) Translation eng division Translation eng bureau Translation eng part Translation eng component Translation eng element Translation eng category Translation eng counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine Translation eng club Translation eng compteur pour exemplaires (d'une publication) Translation fre catégorie Translation fre département Translation fre partie Translation fre

部門 Word
ぶもん Reading
class Translation eng group Translation eng category Translation eng department Translation eng field Translation eng branch Translation eng Abteilung Translation ger Gruppe Translation ger Zweig Translation ger Fach Translation ger Gebiet Translation ger Klasse Translation ger Seite Translation ger branche Translation fre catégorie Translation fre département Translation fre groupe Translation fre section Translation fre spécialité Translation fre о́трасль Translation rus

部類 Word
ぶるい Reading
class Translation eng heading Translation eng group Translation eng category Translation eng Gattung Translation ger Klasse Translation ger Art Translation ger Gruppe Translation ger Ordnung Translation ger Klassifizierung Translation ger

圏論 Word
けんろん Reading
category theory Translation eng

カテゴリィ Reading
category Translation eng

カテゴリーキラー Reading
category killer Translation eng

一級 Traditional 一级 Simplified
yi1 ji2 Pinyin
first class English category A English

一類 Traditional 一类 Simplified
yi1 lei4 Pinyin
same type English category 1 (i.e. class A) English

三級 Traditional 三级 Simplified
san1 ji2 Pinyin
grade 3 English third class English category C English

二級 Traditional 二级 Simplified
er4 ji2 Pinyin
grade 2 English second class English category B English

品類 Traditional 品类 Simplified
pin3 lei4 Pinyin
category English kind English

四級 Traditional 四级 Simplified
si4 ji2 Pinyin
grade 4 English fourth class English category D English

Traditional Simplified
shu3 Pinyin
category English genus (taxonomy) English family members English dependents English to belong to English subordinate to English affiliated with English be born in the year of (one of the 12 animals) English to be English to prove to be English to constitute English

Traditional Simplified
chou2 Pinyin
arable fields English cultivated field English class English category English

種類 Traditional 种类 Simplified
zhong3 lei4 Pinyin
kind English genus English type English category English variety English species English sort English class English

第五類 Traditional 第五类 Simplified
di4 wu3 lei4 Pinyin
category 5 English CAT 5 (cable) English

範疇 Traditional 范畴 Simplified
fan4 chou2 Pinyin
category English

範疇論 Traditional 范畴论 Simplified
fan4 chou2 lun4 Pinyin
category theory English general nonsense (math.) English

部類 Traditional 部类 Simplified
bu4 lei4 Pinyin
category English division English

Traditional Simplified
men2 Pinyin
gate English door English gateway English doorway English opening English valve English switch English way to do something English knack English family English house English (religious) sect English school (of thought) English class English category English phylum or division (taxonomy) English classifier for large guns English classifier for lessons, subjects, branches of technology English

Traditional Simplified
lei4 Pinyin
kind English type English class English category English similar English like English to resemble English

類別 Traditional 类别 Simplified
lei4 bie2 Pinyin
classification English category English

類型 Traditional 类型 Simplified
lei4 xing2 Pinyin
type English category English genre English form English style English

kui2 Reading Pinyin Reading On はかりごと Reading Kun はか. Reading Kun gyu Reading Korean Reading Korean
category Meaning plan Meaning drumstick Meaning

chou2 Reading Pinyin チュウ Reading On うね Reading Kun たぐい Reading Kun ひと.しい Reading Kun ju Reading Korean Reading Korean
farmland Meaning arable land Meaning category Meaning

class Meaning group Meaning kind Meaning category Meaning

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