Character cattle and sheep have no children Definition
TAO2 Pinyin tou1 Jyutping

家畜 Word
かちく Reading
domestic animals Translation eng livestock Translation eng cattle Translation eng Vieh Translation ger Haustier Translation ger animaux domestiques Translation fre дома́шний скот Translation rus дома́шние живо́тные Translation rus

うし Reading ぎゅう Reading
cattle Translation eng cow Translation eng ox Translation eng oxen Translation eng beef Translation eng Chinese "Ox" constellation (one of the 28 mansions) Translation eng Rind Translation ger Kuh Translation ger Ochse Translation ger Stier Translation ger Kalb Translation ger bétail Translation fre bœuf Translation fre vache Translation fre бык Translation rus корова Translation rus
二十八宿 Crossref 牛肉 Crossref

牛舎 Word
ぎゅうしゃ Reading
cow shed Translation eng cattle barn Translation eng Kuhstall Translation ger étable Translation fre

牛小屋 Word
うしごや Reading
cow shed Translation eng cattle barn Translation eng Kuhstall Translation ger étable Translation fre

畜舎 Word
ちくしゃ Reading
cattle shed Translation eng barn Translation eng Stall Translation ger

牧畜業 Word
ぼくちくぎょう Reading
stock-farming Translation eng cattle breeding Translation eng Viehzucht Translation ger Weidewirtschaft Translation ger élevage Translation fre

伯楽 Word 博労 Word 馬喰 Word
ばくろう Reading はくらく Reading
cattle or horse trader Translation eng good judge of horses or cattle Translation eng Pferdekenner Translation ger Arzt für Pferde und Kühe Translation ger (übertr.) Translation ger Menschenkenner Translation ger

牛疫 Word
ぎゅうえき Reading
cattle plague Translation eng {Med.} Rinderpest Translation ger

牛糞 Word 牛ふん Word
ぎゅうふん Reading
cattle manure Translation eng cow dung Translation eng cowpat Translation eng bullshit Translation eng

尼鷺 Word 甘鷺 Word
あまさぎ Reading アマサギ Reading
cattle egret (Bubulcus ibis) Translation eng

家畜囲い Word
かちくかこい Reading
cattle pen Translation eng

家畜 Traditional 家畜 Simplified
jia1 chu4 Pinyin
domestic animal English livestock English cattle English

料斗 Traditional 料斗 Simplified
liao4 dou3 Pinyin
cattle feeder English hopper (wicker basket) English

牛羊 Traditional 牛羊 Simplified
niu2 yang2 Pinyin
cattle and sheep English livestock English

鞅牛 Traditional 鞅牛 Simplified
yang3 niu2 Pinyin
cattle harnessed for plowing English

黃牛 Traditional 黄牛 Simplified
huang2 niu2 Pinyin
ox English cattle English scalper of tickets etc English to fail to show up English to break a promise English

𤘘 Character cattle, domestic animals Definition

牛飼い Word
うしかい Reading
cattleman Translation eng raising cattle Translation eng Kuhtreiber Translation ger Cowboy Translation ger

カトレヤ Reading カトレア Reading
cattleya (type of orchid) Translation eng {Bot.} Cattleya Translation ger (Orchideenart) Translation ger Source Language lat

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