wei4 Reading Pinyin wei2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ため Reading Kun . Reading Kun . Reading Kun . Reading Kun たり Reading Kun つく. Reading Kun なり Reading Kun びい Nanori wi Reading Korean Reading Korean
do Meaning change Meaning make Meaning benefit Meaning welfare Meaning be of use Meaning reach to Meaning try Meaning practice Meaning cost Meaning serve as Meaning good Meaning advantage Meaning as a result of Meaning faire Meaning fr changer Meaning fr bénéfice Meaning fr bien-être Meaning fr être utile Meaning fr atteindre Meaning fr essayer Meaning fr s'entraîner Meaning fr coûter Meaning fr servir pour Meaning fr bon Meaning fr avantage Meaning fr par suite de Meaning fr hacer Meaning es ocurrir Meaning es razón Meaning es causa Meaning es mudança Meaning pt benefício Meaning pt bem-estar Meaning pt é de uso Meaning pt tentativa Meaning pt prática Meaning pt custo Meaning pt servir para Meaning pt bom Meaning pt vantagem Meaning pt como um resultado de Meaning pt

yin1 Reading Pinyin イン Reading On . Reading Kun ちな. Reading Kun Nanori in Reading Korean Reading Korean
cause Meaning factor Meaning be associated with Meaning depend on Meaning be limited to Meaning cause Meaning fr facteur Meaning fr associé à Meaning fr dépendre de Meaning fr limité à Meaning fr causa Meaning es origen Meaning es depender de Meaning es contar con Meaning es causa Meaning pt fator Meaning pt seja associado com Meaning pt contar com Meaning pt ser limitado para Meaning pt

gu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ゆえ Reading Kun ふる. Reading Kun もと Reading Kun go Reading Korean Reading Korean
happenstance Meaning especially Meaning intentionally Meaning reason Meaning cause Meaning circumstances Meaning the late Meaning therefore Meaning consequently Meaning coïncidence Meaning fr spécialement Meaning fr intentionnellement Meaning fr raison Meaning fr cause Meaning fr circonstances Meaning fr destin Meaning fr feu ... (défunt) Meaning fr c'est pour ça que... Meaning fr antiguo Meaning es intencionadamente Meaning es excepcional Meaning es razón Meaning es difunto Meaning es causa Meaning es circunstancias Meaning es casualidade Meaning pt especialmente Meaning pt intencionalmente Meaning pt razão Meaning pt causa Meaning pt circunstâncias Meaning pt portanto Meaning pt consequentemente Meaning pt

niang4 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On かも. Reading Kun yang Reading Korean Reading Korean
brew Meaning cause Meaning brasser Meaning fr causer Meaning fr elaborar Meaning es preparar Meaning es elaborar cerveza Meaning es fermentar Meaning pt causa Meaning pt

yi4 Reading Pinyin ヤク Reading On わけ Reading Kun yeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
translate Meaning reason Meaning circumstance Meaning case Meaning traduire Meaning fr excuse Meaning fr cause Meaning fr circonstance Meaning fr cas Meaning fr traducir Meaning es razón Meaning es motivo Meaning es causa Meaning es significado Meaning es traduzir Meaning pt razão Meaning pt circunstância Meaning pt caso Meaning pt

you2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ユウ Reading On ユイ Reading On よし Reading Kun . Reading Kun yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
wherefore Meaning a reason Meaning c'est pourquoi Meaning fr raison Meaning fr cause Meaning fr origine Meaning fr grave Meaning fr razón Meaning es significado Meaning es causa Meaning es porquanto Meaning pt por conseguinte Meaning pt uma razão Meaning pt

yu3 Reading Pinyin yu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On あた.える Reading Kun あずか. Reading Kun くみ.する Reading Kun ともに Reading Kun とも Nanori Nanori yeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
bestow Meaning participate in Meaning give Meaning award Meaning impart Meaning provide Meaning cause Meaning gift Meaning godsend Meaning donner Meaning fr conférer Meaning fr participer à Meaning fr décerner Meaning fr fournir Meaning fr cause Meaning fr don Meaning fr don du ciel Meaning fr otorgar Meaning es conceder Meaning es proveer Meaning es unir fuerzas Meaning es conferir Meaning pt participar em Meaning pt prêmio Meaning pt dar Meaning pt fornecer Meaning pt causa Meaning pt presente Meaning pt dádiva Meaning pt

lai2 Reading Pinyin ライ Reading On タイ Reading On . Reading Kun きた. Reading Kun きた. Reading Kun .たす Reading Kun .たる Reading Kun Reading Kun Reading Kun くり Nanori くる Nanori ごろ Nanori Nanori rae Reading Korean Reading Korean
come Meaning due Meaning next Meaning cause Meaning become Meaning venir Meaning fr à Meaning fr suivant Meaning fr causer Meaning fr devenir Meaning fr venir Meaning es llegar Meaning es acercarse Meaning es aproximarse Meaning es Vir Meaning pt devido Meaning pt próximo Meaning pt causa Meaning pt tornar-se Meaning pt

因果関係 Word
いんがかんけい Reading
consequence Translation eng causal relationship Translation eng nexus Translation eng Kausalzusammenhang Translation ger Abhängigkeit von Ursache und Wirkung Translation ger

原因結果 Word
げんいんけっか Reading
cause and effect Translation eng causality Translation eng Ursache und Wirkung Translation ger

ji2 Reading Pinyin キュウ Reading On およ. Reading Kun およ. Reading Kun および Reading Kun およ.ぼす Reading Kun おい Nanori Nanori geub Reading Korean Reading Korean
reach out Meaning exert Meaning exercise Meaning cause Meaning allonger Meaning fr tendre le bras Meaning fr exercice Meaning fr s'étendre Meaning fr causer Meaning fr alcanzar Meaning es llegar a Meaning es y Meaning es tocar Meaning es extenderse Meaning es causar Meaning es alcance fora Meaning pt exerce Meaning pt exercício Meaning pt

zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On いた. Reading Kun chi Reading Korean Reading Korean
doth Meaning do Meaning send Meaning forward Meaning cause Meaning exert Meaning incur Meaning engage Meaning faire Meaning fr causer Meaning fr provoquer Meaning fr commettre Meaning fr envoyer Meaning fr expédier Meaning fr encourir Meaning fr engager Meaning fr hacer llegar Meaning es invitar Meaning es causar Meaning es ejercer Meaning es hacer [humilde] Meaning es fazer Meaning pt enviar Meaning pt transmitir Meaning pt causar Meaning pt exercer Meaning pt incorrer Meaning pt empenhar Meaning pt

fan2 Reading Pinyin ハン Reading On ボン Reading On わずら. Reading Kun わずら.わす Reading Kun beon Reading Korean Reading Korean
anxiety Meaning trouble Meaning worry Meaning pain Meaning ill Meaning annoy Meaning nuisance Meaning irksome Meaning anxiété Meaning fr tourment Meaning fr souci Meaning fr douleur Meaning fr malade Meaning fr ennuyeux Meaning fr nuisance Meaning fr problema Meaning es pega Meaning es preocupación Meaning es ansiedad Meaning es molestia Meaning es enfermedad Meaning es preocuparse Meaning es sufrir de Meaning es molestar Meaning es enfadar Meaning es causar problemas Meaning es ansiedade Meaning pt dificuldade Meaning pt preocupação Meaning pt dor Meaning pt mal Meaning pt aborrecer Meaning pt chateação Meaning pt irritante Meaning pt

縁起 Word
えんぎ Reading
omen Translation eng origin Translation eng causation Translation eng Vorzeichen Translation ger Omen Translation ger Vorbedeutung Translation ger Entstehungsgeschichte Translation ger Geschichte Translation ger Bedingungen der Entstehung Translation ger augure Translation fre histoire Translation fre origine Translation fre signe Translation fre
因果関係 Crossref

使役 Word
しえき Reading
employing Translation eng using Translation eng setting to work Translation eng enslavement Translation eng causative (verb, etc.) Translation eng Beschäftigung Translation ger Dienst Translation ger {Milit.} Pflichten außerhalb der direkten Amtspflichten Translation ger {Gramm.} Kausativ Translation ger corvée Translation fre employer (quelqu'un) Translation fre service Translation fre tâche Translation fre utilisation Translation fre

使役動詞 Word
しえきどうし Reading
causative verb Translation eng {Gramm.} kausatives Verb Translation ger

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