hu1 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun よぶ Nanori ho Reading Korean Reading Korean
call Meaning call out to Meaning invite Meaning appeler Meaning fr inviter Meaning fr llamar Meaning es aspirar Meaning es chamada Meaning pt chamar para Meaning pt convidar Meaning pt

hao4 Reading Pinyin hao2 Reading Pinyin ゴウ Reading On さけ. Reading Kun よびな Reading Kun ho Reading Korean Reading Korean
nickname Meaning number Meaning item Meaning title Meaning pseudonym Meaning name Meaning call Meaning surnom Meaning fr numéro Meaning fr article Meaning fr titre Meaning fr pseudonyme Meaning fr nom Meaning fr appel Meaning fr número Meaning es apelido Meaning pt número Meaning pt item Meaning pt título Meaning pt pseudonimo Meaning pt nome Meaning pt chamada Meaning pt

zhao4 Reading Pinyin shao4 Reading Pinyin zhao1 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On . Reading Kun so Reading Korean jo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
seduce Meaning call Meaning send for Meaning wear Meaning put on Meaning ride in Meaning buy Meaning eat Meaning drink Meaning catch (cold) Meaning faire venir à soi Meaning fr appeler Meaning fr inviter Meaning fr prendre (bain) Meaning fr porter (vêtements) Meaning fr acheter Meaning fr conduire Meaning fr boire Meaning fr manger Meaning fr attraper (froid) Meaning fr seducir Meaning es citar Meaning es emplazar Meaning es comer Meaning es beber Meaning es seduzir Meaning pt chamada Meaning pt mandar chamar Meaning pt usar Meaning pt vestir Meaning pt cavalgar em Meaning pt pechinchar Meaning pt comer Meaning pt beber Meaning pt

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