chong1 Reading Pinyin chong4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On . Reading Kun chung Reading Korean Reading Korean
collide Meaning brunt Meaning highway Meaning opposition (astronomy) Meaning thrust Meaning pierce Meaning stab Meaning prick Meaning collision Meaning fr choc Meaning fr route principale Meaning fr opposition (astronomie) Meaning fr point clé Meaning fr percer Meaning fr poignarder Meaning fr piquer Meaning fr avenida Meaning es lugar importante Meaning es punto clave Meaning es chocar Meaning es colidir Meaning pt o mais forte Meaning pt rodovia Meaning pt oposição (astronomia) Meaning pt atravessar Meaning pt furar Meaning pt apunhalar Meaning pt picar Meaning pt

di3 Reading Pinyin テイ Reading On jeo Reading Korean ji Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
resist Meaning reach Meaning touch Meaning résister Meaning fr parvenir Meaning fr toucher Meaning fr resistir Meaning es ir contra Meaning es chocar Meaning es casi igual Meaning es resistir Meaning pt alcançar Meaning pt tocar Meaning pt

bei4 Reading Pinyin pi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On こうむ. Reading Kun おお. Reading Kun かぶ. Reading Kun かぶ.せる Reading Kun ぎぬ Nanori pi Reading Korean Reading Korean
incur Meaning cover Meaning veil Meaning brood over Meaning shelter Meaning wear Meaning put on Meaning be exposed (film) Meaning receiving Meaning subir Meaning fr couvrir Meaning fr voile Meaning fr ruminer (soucis) Meaning fr abri Meaning fr mettre (vêtement) Meaning fr porter (sur la tête) Meaning fr être exposé (film) Meaning fr victime Meaning fr souffrir Meaning fr sufrir perdidas Meaning es recibir Meaning es cargarse Meaning es incorrer Meaning pt cobrir Meaning pt velar Meaning pt chocar Meaning pt proteger Meaning pt vestir Meaning pt vestir- se Meaning pt expor (filme) Meaning pt recepção Meaning pt

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