Character fill, be full, supply Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping JUU SHUU On ATERU MICHIRU MITASU Kun Hangul CHWUNG Korean chiung Tang sung Viet

Character soar; pour boiling water over Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping CHUU On OKI WAKU Kun Hangul CHWUNG Korean
U+6C96 U+885D Traditional U+6C96 Variant

CHONG1 Pinyin


Character a sad, uneasy countenance Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping CHUU CHU SHUU SHU On UREERU Kun Hangul CHWUNG Korean

Character foolish, stupid, dull, silly Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 zung1 Jyutping TOU SHOU SHU CHOU CHU On OROKA Kun Hangul YONG Korean

Character irresolute, indecisive; yearn for Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 tung4 Jyutping DOU SHOU TOU On AKOGARERU Kun Hangul TONG Korean

Character pour, infuse, steep; wash away Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping CHUU On OKI WAKU Kun Hangul CHWUNG Korean khem trong Viet
U+51B2 Simplified U+76C5 Variant

CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping

CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping Hangul CHWUNG Korean

Character fly upward Definition
CHONG1 CHONG2 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping CHUU JU On TOBIAGARU Kun

Character grind in mortar Definition
CHONG1 CHUANG1 ZHONG1 Pinyin zung1 Jyutping SHOU SOU On USUZUKU TSUKU Kun Hangul YONG Korean shiong Tang thung Viet

CHONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping SHUU SHU On súng Viet

Character rush against, charge ahead Definition
CHONG1 CHONG4 Pinyin cung1 cung3 Jyutping SHOU On TSUKU Kun Hangul CHWUNG Korean chiong Tang
U+51B2 Simplified

CHONG1 Pinyin

𢥞 Character same as ; a sad, uneasy countenance Definition
CHONG1 Pinyin

𧘂 Character to rush at, dash against Definition
CHONG1 CHONG4 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping

Traditional Simplified
chong1 Pinyin
fill English satisfy English fulfill English to act in place of English substitute English sufficient English full English

充任 Traditional 充任 Simplified
chong1 ren4 Pinyin
to fill a post English to take sb's place (job) English

充份 Traditional 充份 Simplified
chong1 fen4 Pinyin
ample English sufficient English abundant English full English

充值 Traditional 充值 Simplified
chong1 zhi2 Pinyin
to recharge (money onto a phone card) English

充值卡 Traditional 充值卡 Simplified
chong1 zhi2 ka3 Pinyin
recharge card (phone) English

充公 Traditional 充公 Simplified
chong1 gong1 Pinyin
to confiscate English

充其量 Traditional 充其量 Simplified
chong1 qi2 liang4 Pinyin
at most English at best English

充分 Traditional 充分 Simplified
chong1 fen4 Pinyin
full English abundant English

充分就業 Traditional 充分就业 Simplified
chong1 fen4 jiu4 ye4 Pinyin
full employment English

充塞 Traditional 充塞 Simplified
chong1 se4 Pinyin
congestion English to block English to congest English to crowd English to choke English to cram English to fill up English to stuff English to take up all the space English

充填 Traditional 充填 Simplified
chong1 tian2 Pinyin
to fill (gap, hole, area, blank) English to pad out English to complement English (dental) filling English filled English

充填物 Traditional 充填物 Simplified
chong1 tian2 wu4 Pinyin
filling material English stuffing English lining English filling English

充好 Traditional 充好 Simplified
chong1 hao3 Pinyin
to substitute shoddy goods English

充實 Traditional 充实 Simplified
chong1 shi2 Pinyin
rich English substantial English enrich English substantiate English

充斥 Traditional 充斥 Simplified
chong1 chi4 Pinyin
to be full of English to flood English to congest English

充暢 Traditional 充畅 Simplified
chong1 chang4 Pinyin
abundant and fluent English affluent and smooth English

充氣 Traditional 充气 Simplified
chong1 qi4 Pinyin
to inflate English

充氧 Traditional 充氧 Simplified
chong1 yang3 Pinyin
to oxygenate English to provide oxygen complement English

充沛 Traditional 充沛 Simplified
chong1 pei4 Pinyin
abundant English plentiful English vigorous English

充溢 Traditional 充溢 Simplified
chong1 yi4 Pinyin
to overflow (with riches) English replete English

充滿 Traditional 充满 Simplified
chong1 man3 Pinyin
full of English brimming with English very full English permeated English

充滿陽光 Traditional 充满阳光 Simplified
chong1 man3 yang2 guang1 Pinyin
sun-drenched English

充當 Traditional 充当 Simplified
chong1 dang1 Pinyin
to serve as English to act as English to play the role of English

充發 Traditional 充发 Simplified
chong1 fa1 Pinyin
to banish to penal servitude English

充盈 Traditional 充盈 Simplified
chong1 ying2 Pinyin
abundant English plentiful English

充血 Traditional 充血 Simplified
chong1 xue4 Pinyin
hyperemia (increase in blood flow) English blood congestion English

充裕 Traditional 充裕 Simplified
chong1 yu4 Pinyin
abundant English ample English plenty English abundance English

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