Character to grieve; sorrowful Definition
CHOU1 YOU2 Pinyin jau4 zau6 Jyutping

Character draw out, pull out; sprout Definition
CHOU1 Pinyin cau1 Jyutping CHUU On NUKU HIKU Kun Hangul CHWU Korean *tjiou Tang trừu Viet

Character pluck Definition
CHOU1 Pinyin cau1 Jyutping SHUU SHU SU On so Viet

Character panting of cow; grunting of ox Definition
CHOU1 Pinyin cau4 Jyutping SHUU SHU On

Character protrude Definition
CHOU1 Pinyin

Character to be healed; to reform Definition
CHOU1 LU4 Pinyin cau1 Jyutping CHUU CHU RYOU On IERU Kun Hangul CHWU Korean

Character a utensil used to filter wine; a filter Definition
CHOU1 Pinyin cau1 Jyutping Viet

CHOU1 Pinyin Hangul CWU Korean

𢭆 Character to draw out; to levy; to strike Definition
CHOU1 Pinyin

抽出 Traditional 抽出 Simplified
chou1 chu1 Pinyin
to take out English to extract English

抽動 Traditional 抽动 Simplified
chou1 dong4 Pinyin
to twitch English to throb English a spasm English to extract and use English

抽取 Traditional 抽取 Simplified
chou1 qu3 Pinyin
to extract (a medical sample) English

抽咽 Traditional 抽咽 Simplified
chou1 ye4 Pinyin
to sob English

抽嘴巴 Traditional 抽嘴巴 Simplified
chou1 zui3 ba5 Pinyin
to slap English

抽噎 Traditional 抽噎 Simplified
chou1 ye1 Pinyin
to sob English

抽屜 Traditional 抽屉 Simplified
chou1 ti5 Pinyin
drawer English

抽打 Traditional 抽打 Simplified
chou1 da3 Pinyin
to whip English to flog English to thrash English

抽抽噎噎 Traditional 抽抽噎噎 Simplified
chou1 chou5 ye1 ye1 Pinyin
to sob and sniffle English

抽插 Traditional 抽插 Simplified
chou1 cha1 Pinyin
thrusting English

抽搐 Traditional 抽搐 Simplified
chou1 chu4 Pinyin
to twitch English

抽搭 Traditional 抽搭 Simplified
chou1 da1 Pinyin
to sob English to cry English

抽斗 Traditional 抽斗 Simplified
chou1 dou3 Pinyin
drawer English

抽時間 Traditional 抽时间 Simplified
chou1 shi2 jian1 Pinyin
to (try to) find the time to English

抽查 Traditional 抽查 Simplified
chou1 cha2 Pinyin
a spot check (e.g. for drugs) English

抽樣 Traditional 抽样 Simplified
chou1 yang4 Pinyin
sample English sampling English

抽檢 Traditional 抽检 Simplified
chou1 jian3 Pinyin
sampling English spot check English random test English

抽氣 Traditional 抽气 Simplified
chou1 qi4 Pinyin
to draw air out English

抽水機 Traditional 抽水机 Simplified
chou1 shui3 ji1 Pinyin
water pump English

抽水泵 Traditional 抽水泵 Simplified
chou1 shui3 beng4 Pinyin
water pump English

抽水站 Traditional 抽水站 Simplified
chou1 shui3 zhan4 Pinyin
water pumping station English

抽水馬桶 Traditional 抽水马桶 Simplified
chou1 shui3 ma3 tong3 Pinyin
flush toilet English

抽油煙機 Traditional 抽油烟机 Simplified
chou1 you2 yan1 ji1 Pinyin
range hood English kitchen exhaust hood English

抽泣 Traditional 抽泣 Simplified
chou1 qi4 Pinyin
to sob spasmodically English

抽煙 Traditional 抽烟 Simplified
chou1 yan1 Pinyin
to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco) English

抽獎 Traditional 抽奖 Simplified
chou1 jiang3 Pinyin
to draw a prize English a lottery English a raffle English

抽空 Traditional 抽空 Simplified
chou1 kong4 Pinyin
to find the time to do sth English

抽筋 Traditional 抽筋 Simplified
chou1 jin1 Pinyin
a cramp English charley horse English to pull a tendon English

抽簽 Traditional 抽签 Simplified
chou1 qian1 Pinyin
抽籤|抽签[chou1 qian1] Variant

抽籖 Traditional 抽签 Simplified
chou1 qian1 Pinyin
抽籤|抽签[chou1 qian1] Variant

抽絲 Traditional 抽丝 Simplified
chou1 si1 Pinyin
to spin silk English

抽脂 Traditional 抽脂 Simplified
chou1 zhi1 Pinyin
liposuction English

抽菸 Traditional 抽菸 Simplified
chou1 yan1 Pinyin
抽煙|抽烟[chou1 yan1] Variant
to smoke (a cigarette, tobacco) English

抽血 Traditional 抽血 Simplified
chou1 xue4 Pinyin
to take blood English to draw blood (e.g. for a test) English

抽調 Traditional 抽调 Simplified
chou1 diao4 Pinyin
to transfer (personnel or material) English

抽象 Traditional 抽象 Simplified
chou1 xiang4 Pinyin
abstract English

抽象代數 Traditional 抽象代数 Simplified
chou1 xiang4 dai4 shu4 Pinyin
abstract algebra English

抽象域 Traditional 抽象域 Simplified
chou1 xiang4 yu4 Pinyin
abstract field (math.) English

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