した Reading
tongue Translation eng tongue-like object Translation eng clapper (of a bell) Translation eng talon (of a lock) Translation eng Zunge Translation ger Klöppel Translation ger {Mus.} Rohrblatt Translation ger langue (anat.) Translation fre язык Translation rus

鳴子 Word
なるこ Reading
clapper Translation eng Klapper zu Verscheuchen von Vögeln Translation ger

場記板 Traditional 场记板 Simplified
chang3 ji4 ban3 Pinyin
clapper board English

she2 Reading Pinyin ゼツ Reading On した Reading Kun seol Reading Korean Reading Korean
tongue Meaning reed Meaning clapper Meaning langue Meaning fr anche Meaning fr battant (cloche) Meaning fr lengua Meaning es língua Meaning pt lingueta de inst. de sopro Meaning pt lingueta de fechadura Meaning pt

カチンコ Reading かちんこ Reading
clapperboard Translation eng

拍板 Traditional 拍板 Simplified
pai1 ban3 Pinyin
clapper-board English auctioneer's hammer English to beat time with clappers English

鼓板 Traditional 鼓板 Simplified
gu3 ban3 Pinyin
clapper-board English

Traditional Simplified
ban3 Pinyin
board English plank English plate English shutter English table tennis bat English clappers (music) English accented beat in Chinese music English hard English stiff English to stop smiling or look serious English

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